A Glimpse into the Nursing World

Nursing is an honorable profession, and being a nurse is something to be proud of.  Many people become nurses to have a career where they can help other people.

Nursing is a global community.  They care for all kinds of people from all walks of life: healthy or sick and young or old, from every culture.  A nurse does not only care for the physical aspects of a patient;  he or she also cares for the emotional, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, and social aspects too.  When nurses look at a patient, they do not just see the disease or the illness; they also see the individual.  So, nurses have to use more than theory and technology; they must apply physical sciences and social sciences.

The range of a nurse’s experience and education can allow them to have a position as a licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse.  Now, the LPN, or licensed practical nurse, works under the RN, or registered nurse.  A RN can practice in several different types of work environments, and provides a wide range of care levels to the patient and the patient’s family: the psychological level, the scientific level, and the technological level.  In addition to treating someone’s ailment, they will instruct the patient on how to keep up the continued care that he or she might need.

Any nurse has to complete several educational requirements.  They must enroll in an approved program for nursing in order to earn a bachelors degree, associates degree, or a diploma.  Most programs take four years to finish.  And, just like doctors, nurses can pick a field of specialty.  They can choose a specific environment, a specific treatment, particular organs, particular systems of the human body, or certain groups of people, such as elderly or pediatric patients.  A nurse can also take more than one specialty an overlap them.  For example, they can work with skin diseases in children, or surgical treatments for burn victims.  For these kinds of jobs, nurses will need to further their education beyond becoming a registered nurse.

Nurses are no longer considered members of the “second-string” in the health care community.   Nurses are not just here to provide assistance to doctors.  When it comes to managing patients, nurses can hold their own.