A Study Guide for Nursing Students

During you time in a nursing school or in a nursing program at one of the nation’s accredited colleges, you will spend much of your effort on studying all about the human body, drugs, and medical equipment used in the field of nursing. It can be difficult to keep up with studies while maintaining a healthy stress level and healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, there are tips that can make your life easier in nursing school by providing some structure for students who struggle with academic study during this busy time.

Industry website NurseZone.com puts the student dilemma into perspective for new students: “You’re a nursing student, you’ve read all of your course outlines, but when it comes to studying, you’re not sure where to start and you need some help-FAST.”

Indeed, there is no time to waste when you get to nursing school. The next couple of years will be fierce. Nursezone kindly offers some tips for nursing students when it comes to studying the details of nursing. They list 10 in all, but here are the top 5:

“Stick to the plan. Track all projects, deadlines, exams and other activities relating to work and/or school in a personal planner or a pocketbook calendar.

Take notes. Place notes in outline format with headers, subheads and bullet points. Add items your lecturer refers to in the book.

Create flashcards. A quick and easy way to quiz yourself right up until test day. Use flashcards for making a file of diseases/conditions and their treatments, listing signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests and interventions.

Tape record. This is especially handy on “test review” days when instructors share what material is likely to appear on the exam. Remember to check with your instructor first!

Compare notes. It’s possible that your classmates have information you didn’t catch and vice-versa.” Read all 10 nursing school study tips. They also offer some great advice about studying alone or in groups.

Another great resource for students who are in nursing college is the student blog over at I am a Nursing Student. The blogger here says to start your studies before you even register for college:

“If you are thinking about going to nursing school but aren’t there yet,volunteer at the hospital. I’m serious, it’s not just for old ladies and community organizations. I was privileged enough to volunteer for a couple semesters at Hermann Memorial Hospital in downtown Houston. The place was massive and they had everything imaginable over ten floors in several buildings. I got to wander around all over the place and meet doctors and nurses and therapists of every kind. I got to see what the job was really like. It focused my goals.”

Read the whole blog at ‘Tips for Nursing School’.