Getting from Nursing School to Nurse: Compassion, Stamina, and More

Going to nursing school to become a registered nurse, CNA, or specialty caretaker can be a tough decision for some. Yet, others seem to know right away that they would be a great nurse before every reviewing the career path or school programs. What makes a good nurse and how do you know if nursing school is the right decision for you? We’ve compiled some of the most important qualities in nursing professionals (and students) to help you decide if this is the right career for you.

Nursing School

Ask any nurse and they’ll tell you – the only thing more difficult than working those long hours on the floor is the time they spent learning to be a nurse. Going to nursing school is taxing – both physically and mentally. However, graduating from an accredited nursing program is one of the most rewarding experiences they have had in their careers. A great nursing school teaches students discipline, stamina, and the important skills they will need to succeed in the future.

There are a few qualities that make nursing school less difficult, but anyone with the will to succeed can work toward a brighter future. Success in nursing school hinges on a few core abilities:

Dedication – Unless you are complete dedicated to the prospect of becoming a nurse, nursing school will seem much more difficult than it should be. Being able to consistently remind yourself of the reasons and rewards can help. After all: You’re here to learn a new trade and dedication to that goal is a must in any program.

Stamina – Being a nursing school student is a lot like being a nurse in terms of scheduling and mental stress. Students are subjected to long hours, clinicals, heavy workload, and tons of hours studying. After graduation, students are glad for the rigorous schedule because in many jobs, the hours and workload are similar.

Organization – Being organized is important in any school program, but nursing school requires multiple streams of training simultaneously. So it’s important to be organized with schoolwork and mentally, so you can easily switch gears.

The Nursing Profession

Nursing as a profession is a rewarding career, if you enjoy caring for others and don’t mind taking on the role of middleman. It’s true – while patients need a doctor to diagnose and guide treatment of diseases, it’s the nurse who does the work of carrying out the treatment plan and responding to patient needs. Therefore, the following abilities are important for those who wish to be successful and enjoy their career:

Patience – Patience isn’t just a virtue, it’s a requirement for nurse professionals. Working with people in their most urgent times of need can be very trying – especially when the patient is confused or scared. Practicing patience is the only way to slow down and stop personal responses to the behaviors of others.

Compassion – Regardless of why a person came to be in the situation they are in, each patient deserves compassion and understanding from their medical support staff. Nurses are on the front line in the medical community and people often look to them for comfort, information, and assistance when they need it. Understanding the behaviors, emotions, and special situations of each person while caring about their health outcome is critical in the nursing field.

Stamina – As mentioned earlier, nurses work long days and carry a lot of emotional burden on the job. Being a nurse means witnessing some of the most heartbreaking diseases and conditions known to the medical community. It’s easy to get “burn out”, so emotional and physical stamina are a must. Nurses must know when to take mental breaks and how to relieve stress.