Medical Assistant Certification Exam Prep

Certification will help you find good employment as a medical assistant, so you are definitely taking the right next step by seeking certification. So what does certification require?

As you know, you must take the medical assistant certification exam, and to do that you must meet certain eligibility requirements.

The first requirement is that you have graduated from an accredited medical assistant school, and that accreditation must be from either the Accreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Not all medical assistant schools qualify their graduates to take the medical assistant certification exam, so if you are looking into schools now; make sure you choose one that is properly accredited.

Your classes should prepare you for the medical assistant certification exam, but you will need to study, brush up and prepare for the exam.

What Should You Study?

As you studied in medical assistant school, the medical assistant certification exam will include material on office procedures and practices, and patient relations. Because this is an important part of your work as a medical assistant even though it is not directly related to clinical techniques, you can expect it to be a major part of the exam.

However, you should also expect the medical assistant certification exam to cover a great deal of more clinical material, which you should know and have a very solid command of in order to be a good medical assistant. This would include not only clinical and diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, first aid and laboratory techniques, but also medical terminology, which you should memorize.

Now you know what to study, but the question may remain, how should you study for the medical assistant certification exam? There are many study aids you can use to prepare, including medical assisting publications you can subscribe to or read online, certification review courses, and practice outlines.

Becoming a certified medical assistant is not easy; it’s not supposed to be easy. That is why it is worth pursuing. Becoming certified makes you more valuable to employers and also makes you a better medical assistant. Yes, the medical assistant certification exam is difficult, but the challenge is well worth the time to study for the exam and do well, because the benefits of certification include not only more money and more respect, but more responsibility, more interesting duties and a more rewarding career.