Must Read Blogs for Students in Nursing School

For students about to enter nursing school, it can be a terrifying time. The prospect of entering into a challenging program – both scholastically and psychologically – can be a sobering experience for anyone. One of the best ways to curtail this kind of stress is to do a little research into the lives of real students attending nursing schools throughout the country. To help get started, we’ve compiled a list of nursing blogs designed to help nursing students.

Confessions of a Student Nurse

Blog Sample from Advice for Nursing Students: “Starting nursing school soon? Scared out of your mind? Don’t worry, so is everyone else in your class. One of the most popular searches that leads to my blog this time of year is: “scared to start nursing school.” So you are definitely not alone!

My advice for soon-to-be nursing students:

1. Never forget that every other person in that classroom is just as scared as you are. If they always look confident, it is just an act. So don’t let them stress you out.

2. Be prepared to work hard. You will have to do a lot of reading, and it…..”

Nurse Ratched’s Place

Blog Sample from An Open Letter: Dear Future of Nursing: “I thought, “What a great idea, I want to get involved,” so I clicked on a link to get more information about the nursing action coalition in my home state. The states are listed in alphabetical order, and Arizona was the second state on the list. Before I could scroll down to find my state, I noticed who is serving on Arizona’s Action Coalition leaders. Ready? They are the same people who are trying…”

Nursing for Guys

Blog Sample from 5 Reasons To Be A CNA Before Being A LPN/RN“I got an email asking me my personal opinion on becoming a CNA first before entering nursing school. I’d like to say this: I think it’s an excellent idea to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) before entering nursing school. There’s several reasons I believe this:

Getting over the awkwardness of touching people. I went into nursing school for the first time and the only job I ever had was a job as a sales representative.”


Blog Sample from SAME STORY, DIFFERENT DEGREE: “Ok, so I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I completed my application to graduate school yesterday. Waiting for an acceptance letter is absolutely the worst part of going back to school. It brings up all my old issues about not being good enough. I have eight…”

First Do No Harm

Blog Sample from See the World, Be a Nurse: “Opportunity in the nursing field is all over the place. Right now, RN’s are in demand, and I think we all know it. Most of us could walk into any hospital, in any town USA, and announce “I’m here, Gimme a job”. And, unless we were felons or the like, we’d get one without any undue pain. I’ve seen more and more nurses choose the route of…”


  1. I’d suggest including the blog of the American Journal of Nursing, Off the Charts. It’s got strong voices from bedside nurses, researchers, policy makers, and patients.

    And also see the list of nursing blogs they maintain, to get an idea of some other great blogs. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much for this article. It was extremely educational, interesting, and helpful.
    Sincerely, Shauna Anderson, CNA, CMA, And A Nursing Student.