Nurse Specialties: Adult Nurse Practitioner

Adult Nurse Practitioners are sub-specialty nurses who focus on the care and health of adult patients that suffer from short and long-term illnesses. This type of nurse focuses solely on adults and must receive advanced training and a nursing school degree to practice. Although Adult Nurse Practitioners are not limited to specific type of illness or disease, many choose to specialize further within their career. The common workplaces for this type of nurse are variable, as they are needed in a multitude of disciplines and many types of facilities.

What is an Adult Nurse Practitioner?

An Adult Nurse Practitioner is an advanced-degree nurse with specialized training in the care of adult patients. Because adults are fully developed and face unlimited health challenges, this type of nurse has a wide array of medical knowledge. However, for nurses who choose to specialize further, specific training in certain areas of medicine is common. Adult Nurse Practitioners typically spend time building a rapport with their patients, patient’s families, and have more contact with adult patients than other professionals caring for the person.

The duties of an Adult Nurse Practitioner varies greatly depending on their department and role, but generally include mentoring other nurses, patient care plans, tests and evaluations, injections and administration of medications, management and organization. For even more information about Nurse Practitioners, visit the American Association of Nurse Practitioners or the National Library of Medicine’s Nurse Practitioner information.

Nursing School Curriculum for Adult Nurse Practitioner

All nurse practitioners must achieve an advanced degree through an accredited nursing school program.  Many achieve a Doctorate of Nursing while working in the field. Because the knowledge base for an Adult Nurse Practitioner is so widely variable, most students achieve a general degree prior to any specialization training. In general, the following classes are typical for Adult Nurse Practitioners:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Teaching Principles
  • Scientific Communications
  • Leadership and Organization
  • Patient Management and Care
  • Advanced Health Assessments and Treatments

Careers for Nursing School Graduates with Adult Nurse Practitioner Specialty

This type of nurse must spend time in a residency program at a hospital or adult care clinic. Following graduation and certification, Adult Nurse Practitioners can work in any setting where adult acute or long-term care is provided. Workplaces may include hospitals, assisted-living facilities, rehabilitation clinics, and more. Like all nurses, Adult Nurse Practitioners may also specialize in a specific area of medicine and work in department-specific roles related to their training and expertise.

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