Nurse Specialties: Case Management Nursing

Case management nursing is a sub-specialty for RNs that provides the opportunity for nurse specialists to gain a career in patient care coordination. Additionally, this type of nurse is responsible for evaluating and analyzing data to improve patient care and the cost-effectiveness of the patient’s ongoing care. Qualifying to certify for this type of nursing specialty involves 2 to 4 years in nursing school and, in many cases, additional field experience. The job options for case management nurses primarily exist in hospitals and occupational health settings.

What is a Case Management Nursing?

A Case Management Nurse is a specialist that assists in organizing and managing the coordination of services for individual patients. This type of nurse usually specializes in sub-specialty that focuses on a specific group of patients, such as elderly patients, surgical patients, transplant patients and others. The purpose of a case manager nurse in the medical system is to keep the patient’s health care at the center of the focus during a time when many allied health professionals must work together to solve medical problems. They are also responsible for ensuring that the health care provided to patients is done in a cost-effective manner, with continuity and care kept in perspective at all times.

Nursing School Curriculum for Case Management Nursing

Case management nurses are RNs and many positions for this type of nurse require an MSN or BSN as hiring criteria. Nurses in this professional must possess strong knowledge of financial matters as they relate to patient care, as well as working knowledge of the various services employed during patient care. Therefore, experience as an RN in an appropriate setting is often required alongside any formal education in nursing schools. Credentialing involves appropriate time in a nursing school and testing that centers on many aspects of the job, including finances, assessment, screening, determination of eligibility, resources, and more.

The Case Management Society of America is a leading institution for credentialing case management nurses in the U.S. For nurses who choose to enter a sub-specialty such as geriatrics, there are several national organizations that provide ongoing support and resources for the profession. These include the National Association of Geriatric Care Management and the Center for Case Management.

Careers for Nursing School Graduates with Case Management Nursing Specialty

Case management nurses work in a variety of settings, but are most useful in hospitals and community care centers. Some work in occupational health positions, monitoring the progress of health hazards and treatments in various workplaces. In any setting, these nurses work primarily as service coordinators. shares some of the best career openings for case management nurses on their website.

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