Nurse Specialties: Infectious Disease Nursing

Infectious disease nursing is a promising career for focused professionals with a keen interest in advancing their certification and salary to the next level. This specialty nurse is in high-demand across the medical industry, as infectious diseases are an ongoing concern for hospitals, societies, and governments. Career growth for this genre of nursing is outstanding – offering job options in every medical industry. From education and research to clinics and home health, infectious disease nurses are among the most advanced, highest-earning experts in the field of nursing.

What is Infectious Disease Nursing

Infectious disease nursing is a specialty career for registered nurses, physicians, and other allied medical professionals with a genuine interest in disease prevention and control. In this specialty nursing role, experts in the management, prevention, and treatment of infectious disease work with researchers, doctors, hospitals, patients, and even government agencies to eliminate the risks of disease transfer. Treating and managing disease is just one part of the job: Infectious disease nurses may also be researchers, educators, supervisors, directors, and more!

Nursing School Curriculum for Infectious Disease Nursing

Infectious disease nurses must become board certified by the Certification Control Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology (CBIC). Before certification testing may even begin, however, nurses who wish to enter this specialty field must successfully complete several other training and credentialing steps. Infectious disease nurses must first obtain education and licensing required to practice as a registered nurse, a physician, or a certified medical technician. Candidates must also be currently working as a leader in a disease treatment or prevention program.

Most infectious disease nurses earn credit toward this certification by taking classes in a nursing school or other medical college and multiple degrees, among other formal awards. These typically include

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  • Registered Nursing License (RN)
  • Or a designation of equal or greater hierarchy in medicine. (e.g. doctor, specialty nurse)

Continuing education for infectious disease nurses takes place for the life of a person’s nursing career. Just like any other nursing specialty, this career requires ongoing training to keep up with the newest information, statistics, research, and technology available in the specialty.

Continuing Education classes for infectious disease nurses may include:

  • Immunizations
  • Antibiotics Resistance
  • Insect Illnesses
  • Managing chronic infections
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) standards
  • International Disease Pandemics
  • Microbial Infections

Careers for Nursing School Graduates with Infectious Disease Nursing Specialty

Infectious disease nurses are in high-demand throughout the medical community. From hospitals to home health care settings, this is a career with a promising future. Infectious diseases are a regular part of human existence and the reality of their impact on the global population will persist well into the future of civilization. Job specialties for infection disease nurses can include clinicians, educators, research experts, supervisory roles, and others.

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