Nurse Specialties: Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal nurse consulting is a lucrative option for RNs who wish to undergo advanced training to enhance their nursing career. Certified legal nurse consultants (CLNCs) typically work in medical facilities as well as provide consulting services for members of the legal community. However, some work full time as consultants. An RN license and nursing school training for legal consulting is required to take the certification exam.

What is Legal Nurse Consulting?

A CLNC provides legal advice and services to members of the legal community. Consulting services offered are usually provided for the purpose of research and case-related testimonies that involve medical cases. This type of professional uses their existing knowledge of the medical field, in addition to special training as a consultant. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants offers a wide array of information and resources relating specifically to this career field. The AALCN is a non-profit membership organization focusing on member issues in this area of nursing.

Nursing School Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting

All CLNCs are RNs and obtain advanced training to help them understand the policies of providing services to the legal community. Generally, a certification exam is offered following specialized courses in the genre of nursing. To become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC), students must successfully complete an RN program at an accredited nursing school and then spend time in a CLNC program (online or on campus) before successfully passing the certification exam.

Continued education for CLNC professionals are similar to other specialties and include the latest research developments in medicine. They may also take advanced courses on legal industry topics and mortality rates for specific types of diseases. CE credits are still required for renewal of the professionals RN license while working as a CLNC.

Careers for Nursing School Graduates with Legal Nurse Consulting Specialty

Legal nurse consulting is a popular specialty among RNs because of the opportunity to earn lucrative income. Experienced CLNC professionals can earn up to $150 per hour for providing their services to private and public firms. Many healthcare processionals in this specialty choose to work as freelance agents, while others work on a retainer for companies. Most CLNCs also practice registered nursing at a medical facility.

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