Nurse Specialties: Perinatal Nursing

Perinatal NursingPerinatal nurses work primarily with pregnant women and are trained in the unique health challenges presented during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. These nurses are RNs with advanced training in obstetrics and hold at least a Diploma from an accredited nursing school. They may work in a variety of settings, including hospitals and clinics. Some in this career field choose to achieve advanced degrees in order to work in education and management.

What is Perinatal Nursing?

Perinatal Nursing, also known as Obstetrical Nursing, is a genre in which medical professionals provide health care to pregnant women during and after pregnancy. These professionals are well trained in dealing with the many issues that may arise throughout the pregnancy, as well as those which may occur following childbirth. There are two types of professionals in this genre: Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialist. Within each category, professionals may choose to further specialize in a type of disease or complication.

The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses is a professional association that focuses on the needs and issues facing those in this genre of medicine. They provide certification review, resources, and information to new and existing perinatal nurses, as well as other professionals working with pregnant women and infants.

Nursing School Curriculum for Perinatal Nursing

Perinatal nurses are RNs with advanced training in obstetrics. NPs and CNSs in this field typically earn a 2-year degree to begin working in the genre. Nurse Practitioners may achieve a Master’s or PhD to train other professionals and work in an education setting. At minimum, CNSs must achieve an RN certification with specific training in pregnancy and childbirth.

For more information about professions that focus on women’s health and neonatal issues, visit Women’s Health is a government sponsored website that provides a range of information about health topics specific to women in the United States, as well as professional information as it relates to federal health goals.

Careers for Nursing School Graduates with Perinatal Nursing Specialty

Perinatal nurses work in a variety of professional settings. Some choose to work in home health and help with holistic births, while the majority works in hospitals and clinics. Those working in a professional environment primarily work in hospitals, birth centers, doctor’s offices, in community centers. Perinatal education is a career path for nurse practitioners with an advanced degree and includes working with the public and training other professionals.

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