Nurse Specialties: Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing is a sub-specialty in nursing that is concerned with the overall wellness of the general public. These nurses may work in a variety of settings including schools, workplaces, and family centers. Generally required to have a baccalaureate in nursing, they are responsible for many aspects of maintaining a community’s health. Among the jobs of a Public Health Nurse are those at community training events, immunization programs, and health program implementation.

What is Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nurses, also known as Community Health Nurses, are heavily involved in the overall health of an entire community. The job of a public health nurse may involve many duties, including the development of school-aged health programs, company wellness programs, work with immunization and treatment programs, and more. Some provide classes and health topic training to the population through coordinated efforts with community centers, schools, and assisted living facilities. Some community health nurses are also responsible for visiting the homes of ill patients to educate the patient and their families on issues including communicable diseases and chronic ailments.

The American Public Health Association is invested in the success of public health programs, including those relating to jobs in this specialized field. The association offers membership resources and affiliations for professionals in this industry. Public Health Nurses will find the publication, journals, and continued education information especially useful. Students may find all types of career information on the site, including the types of jobs that are most demanded for the career field.

Nursing School Curriculum for Public Health Nursing

Most public health nurses are RNs who have also obtained a baccalaureate in nursing. This degree level is necessary due to the vast diversity in the types of work required of a public health nurse. Specialty skills that are acquired during training include health care talents amid changing variable such as economy, environment, biology, culture, and politics, Therefore ongoing training is also a very important part of the job for those in public health nursing. To learn more about the issues facing public health in the United States, visit the U.S. Public Health Service Commission.

Careers for Nursing School Graduates with Public Health Nursing Specialty

Public Health and Community Health Nurses work in a variety of settings. Most work directly with the public – either at a community center, at residences, or through schools. Some work with local pharmacy to administer immunization programs and others work closely with large corporations that impact public health. In all cases, public health nurses are responsible for the development of plans and implementation of programs that will improve or maintain public health standards.

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