Nursing Colleges Offer Opportunity

Despite the economic recession and high unemployment rate for most professions, nursing remains one of the few careers in great demand.  More and more new students enroll in nursing colleges every year.  If you want to go to a top nursing school and study to become a nurse, you should take a look at the schools around you and choose the one that can give you the best nursing education.

These days, programs at nursing colleges have become more flexible.  This makes it easier for nursing students to finish a degree in nursing even while they are working.  There are even online nursing programs that make it more convenient for people to work around their schedule.

The field of nursing continues to provide high paying jobs to thousands of people, especially those who graduated from top nursing schools.  Every year, the number of nurses and nursing colleges continue to grow.

Top Nursing CollegesNursing Colleges

Top nursing colleges in the country have certain pre-requisites for their applicants.  Almost all schools require that you pass your SAT or ACT.  They also set a minimum GPA which could be from 2.0 to 3.25.  Graduates and degree holders from the best nursing schools can expect to have successful careers as nurse practitioners, nurse assistants, family nurse practitioners, and registered nurses.

Most of the top nursing colleges are found in large cities with access to top hospitals.  In Seattle, the University of Washington’s nursing program is considered to be one of the best in the country.  It provides students with a well rounded education and excellent hands-on training.  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers its popular BSN program.  UNC also offers registered nurse specific options, a nursing master’s program and doctoral programs.

Another top nursing college is Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.  Their nursing program consists of degrees from BSN to doctoral degrees.  They also offer post doctoral degrees and continuing education courses.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, the University of Virginia is one of the top colleges for nursing in the nation.  Its nursing school offers many of the nursing degree programs mentioned above, as well as MSN programs.

Competition Among Top Nursing Colleges

Competition among top nursing colleges is tough, but the quality of students and education is exceptionally high.  These schools continue to give students a comprehensive, relevant and stringent curriculum.  Class hours have become more flexible while the school environment remains conducive to learning.

Top nursing colleges can help you fulfill your life’s dream to become a nurse through their programs.  Find the best nursing college near you and take that first step to begin your education.

For more information about nursing colleges and careers in nursing visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook.


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    Nursing Colleges offer the opportunity to begin an exciting career in the medical field. More and more new students enroll in nursing colleges every year….

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