Nursing Schools Offer Memories and Motivation to Graduates

As the school semester ends, nursing students are looking forward to walking across the stage at their graduation ceremony. Relieved to finish their studies, many students find graduation a time of bitter sweet emotions as they face the prospect of leave the security of college and head out into the real job market. One school in California shared their graduation experience, where students were honored by others at the school for making it through their program:

(Santa Fe New Mexican)Twenty-three graduates of Santa Fe Community College’s School of Nursing were adorned with the school’s official pin Thursday in a ceremony that dates back to the days of celebrated nurse Florence Nightingale.

“When we first became a profession, every school had a pin,” said Jenny Landen, the school’s director of nursing education.

“It came from when we used to wear caps. It’s an old tradition, and we’ve carried it on.”

The graduates also lit candles that symbolized Nightingale’s practice of making her evening rounds with a lighted oil lamp, and recited the Nightingale pledge solemnly swearing to devote themselves to the welfare of those committed to their care.

The new graduates were celebrating having completed two years worth of course work that have earned them an associate of applied science degree in nursing.

But their journey isn’t over yet; they still have to pass a national nursing exam before they can call themselves registered nurses.

Landen said the college’s accredited nursing program is a competitive one; there are typically twice as many applicants as there are spots.

“We have had a lot of students apply [thinking] it would be a quick inexpensive way to get into an occupation where they are sure to be hired and make good money,” she said.

“But it’s not so easy. We are training people to deal with life and death. It’s rigorous, and there is a lot of memorization.”  Read more at the Santa Fe New Mexican.

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