Opportunities for Today’s Nurses

Just as there are many specialties for doctors to choose from, there are also numerous fields for nurses to specialize in too.  There really are a lot of opportunities available for nurses, but most people do not know that.  There are jobs in every field of medicine, so potential nurses can choose the exact specialty they have the most interest in.  To get an idea of what is out there, this guide will show the types of jobs obtainable for today’s nurses.

Contrary to popular belief, the nurses that work for a primary care physician are not “basic” or “generic.”  Like the doctor, the nurse actually chose the primary care field.  These nurses attended school to practice in internal medicine.  Another common specialty is pediatrics.  Pediatric nurses care for children in a pediatrician’s office or the area of a hospital dedicated especially to children.  The primary care and pediatric field are only a small sampling of the specialties available to nurses.

Another example of a nursing specialty where nurses have to be specially trained to gain experience is the OR nurse, or operating nurse.  There is a lot of knowledge that an operating room nurse must possess: treating a wound, assisting doctors while they perform procedures and operations, and much more.  There are also positions open to nurses in oncology to help cancer patients and cardiology to help heart patents.  Picking an area of specialty within the nursing field provides several benefits to a nurse: it gives him or her better job security and it makes him or her more qualified for some positions.

Another option is to become a travel nurse.  The travel nurse is employed through an agency and gives their services to short-staffed hospitals.  This type of nurse gets to work in and experience a wide range of specialties.  Most of the time the positions they fill are usually temporary, but some can turn into a permanent position.  However, to become a travel nurse you must meet two requirements: education in a certain specialty and one year of experience in your chosen field.