Tips for Advanced Practice Nursing Students

Tips for NP and DNP StudentsPlanning to become a nurse practitioner or earn your doctorate in nursing? You’ll be interested to know that there is more to planning for your future than securing financial aid and scheduling your first round of classes. Take it from those who have been there, the tips that follow are essential for advanced practice students and those with intentions of earning a specialty degree from a nursing school. Being prepared for one of the most rigorous and intense training schedules in the career world means securing your success for the future.

Think About Extra Costs

The most talked about expenses when it comes to medical training are those associated with text books. Text books for nursing school, or any medical program, can be unexpectedly expensive. It is acceptable to seek out used books and explore the stocked shelves of school book stores. Just make sure that any used books you purchase have no writing or answers indicated between the covers. (You’ll want to know the answers on your own, naturally.) Also explore the possibility of electronic copies. While they don’t allow handwritten notes, it may be worth the savings on some texts.

Mind Your Schedule

Scheduling can be a nightmare, especially for adult nursing students who need to work full time and (or) take care of a family while earning an advanced degree. Most programs recommend that school be a full-time endeavor, without the distractions of a full-time job. While this is ideal, it’s not realistic in today’s world – when so many adults are heading back to school. When scheduling classes around work and other life obligations, consider a blended program with plenty of online class options. Online classes are generally more flexible and allow you to study on your own time.

Expect to be Online – A lot.

With the advent of the internet, few medical professionals considered the impact that online posting would have in nursing school programs. However, most nursing programs require regular postings to an online board shared by other classmates. Online posts can make up one-third to one-half of a student’s grade in some classes. Be sure to take the time to understand the online posting requirements of your nursing school’s program.

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