What is a Medical Assistant?

You might have always wanted to become a medical assistant, but does the medical assistant job description today match what you thought it was when you first learned about becoming a medical assistant? Dreams and images of bandaging the wounded and assistant doctors are often times what we think about.  But as you think about a career as a medical assistant, it’s important to take a look at the duties that come along with the job.

Depending on the work environment, you will see different medical assistant job descriptions. Often times those who are working in a hospital environment will be more likely to spend both days and evenings (rotating) with patients and other medical staff performing tests, procedures and diagnostic duties. This will all vary on the different areas of medicine that one will chose to work in. Most physicians have medical assistants, and those who are specialists will rely on those assistants to do charting, interviews with patients, tests and procedures.

Medical offices and clinics may have a different medical assistant job description. Often time’s medical assistants can go through and work with the different physicians and their nurses in a clerical environment as well as assist them on rounds and other medical procedures at the hospital.  Medical assistants in a doctor’s office will typically get the patient ready for the doctor. Duties will include taking and charting vital signs, possible blood work, and taking measurements. The exact duties will vary between practices and will be discussed with those who interview for the position.

When enrolled in school to become a medical assistant you will have the opportunity to learn about the different medical assistant job descriptions, learn the procedures, tasks and medical terminology. In the end this will help prepare students fresh out of school to become the best medical assistant possible. And help extend their education to different areas of medicine and management. As often times it will be the medical assistants working with the nurses and discussing options and procedures with patients and the families as well.

Now that your childhood dreams of becoming a medical assistant are becoming closer, and you round the corner from student to professional think about all the different options that come along with the new medical career.