Nurse Specialties: Occupational Health Nursing

Occupational health nursing is a career choice that allows registered nurses to work in a variety of settings and cultures. Because the need for this type of nurse is universal, the opportunities for international travel and long-term career paths are abundant. Occupational health nurses must achieve RN status in addition to any industry-specific training they receive prior to certification. … [Read more...]

Nurse Specialties: Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal nursing is the perfect career choice for Registered Nurses who enjoy working with newborns. The career opportunities for this specialty are plentiful, with nurses making up a large portion of neonatal staff in hospitals. Some specialty training and experience is required to become a neonatal nurse, but it is a promising career for those with a long-term career plan in critical … [Read more...]

Nurse Specialties: Infectious Disease Nursing

Infectious disease nursing is a promising career for focused professionals with a keen interest in advancing their certification and salary to the next level. This specialty nurse is in high-demand across the medical industry, as infectious diseases are an ongoing concern for hospitals, societies, and governments. Career growth for this genre of nursing is outstanding – offering job options in … [Read more...]

Nurse Specialties: Home Health Nursing

Home health nursing is a great fit for registered nurses who enjoy helping others maintain some independence and autonomy by allowing recovery in their home instead of a medical facility. Additionally, this type of nurse works in nursing homes and with hospice organizations to provide ongoing support to patients and families. Home health nursing generally requires a degree in nursing and specialty … [Read more...]

Nurse Specialties: Geriatric Nursing

Geriatric nursing, commonly called ‘gerontological nursing’, is a sub-specialty for registered nurses with a desire to work in a stable career while assisting aging patients. Professionals in this field regularly manage and treat age-related diseases, mental health conditions, and help with end-of-life care. As a specialty career for RNs, gerontology requires a degree from a nursing school, … [Read more...]

Nurse Specialties: Cardiovascular Nursing

Cardiovascular nursing, also known as cardiac nursing or cardiac/vascular nursing, is a sub-specialty available to certified Registered Nurses with at least a standard nursing school degree or diploma. Advanced classes in nursing schools are available for students who wish to enter this specialty, but any professional nurse with an RN certification or higher can take the exam to become a … [Read more...]

Nurse Specialties: Forensic Nursing

Forensic nurses play a crucial role in both medicine and the criminal justice system. As the name implies, this type of nurse has spent many years in nursing school learning the skills necessary to become a nurse and learning about the criminal justice system. Forensic evidence collected from victims of a crime can make or break a criminal case in the courtroom, so forensic nurses are cautious, … [Read more...]

Nurse Specialties: Acute Care Nursing

Among the types of nurses in high demand across the nation are specialty nurses of all types, including those who deal with acute or critical care. While registered nurses who are non-specialized will always be an integral part of the health system; there is a renewed need for more specialized training among career candidates entering the field. General physicians facing the burden of a tough … [Read more...]

Student Associations: Support for Nursing School Grads and Students

Nursing students associations provide structure and support to students attending nursing schools across the United States. Organizations such as the National Student Nurse Association offer mentorship programs to future nurses, provide job placement assistance, and help nursing school students navigate the process of reaching higher qualifications and maintaining employment. There are a variety … [Read more...]

Nursing Students Can Benefit from Early Work in Medical Setting

Students in nursing schools who want to take their training to its limit are opting for a more rigid schedule by working in the medical field during college. While many students need to work at least a part time job while attending classes, few are committed to handling the rigorous schedule of working in the medical field while maintaining their studies. Even though the schedule can be trying, … [Read more...]