Nursing School Simulators: A Key Technology in Training

Simulation training is a key tool used in nursing schools around the world. A simulated hospital or emergency room environment allows nursing students to learn real-world skills in a manner that closely reflects what they will encounter during the course of their careers. As with all simulations, it’s impossible to accurately depict or rehearse every possible scenario within the confines of a … [Read more...]

Getting from Nursing School to Nurse: Compassion, Stamina, and More

Going to nursing school to become a registered nurse, CNA, or specialty caretaker can be a tough decision for some. Yet, others seem to know right away that they would be a great nurse before every reviewing the career path or school programs. What makes a good nurse and how do you know if nursing school is the right decision for you? We’ve compiled some of the most important qualities in nursing … [Read more...]

Nursing Schools and Culturally Sensitive Training

A trend in training for students in nursing schools is rapidly developing across the nation as thousands begin learning the core principles behind cultural sensitivity. Nursing schools in diverse areas were the first to take hold of and propagate sensitivity training, but it’s a topic now being added to the curriculum at more and more nursing schools. Culturally sensitive training is becoming a … [Read more...]

The Highest Paid Types of Nurses

The highest paid types of nurses are those that specialize in a high-demand industry within health and medicine. These include neonatal nurses, elderly care, and others. There are many types of nurses and even more career fields for nurses with an RN certification or better. With over 2 million nurses in the nation, it’s easy to see why so many students are attracted to nursing … [Read more...]

Types of Jobs for Nursing Students

Most nursing students will tell you that working while in a college nursing program is difficult. In truth, nursing school is one of the most challenging programs in the allied-health industry. However, many students must work out of necessity so why not attempt to work in an occupation that will contribute to your future career? Any exposure to the medical field will be a positive influence on … [Read more...]

Nursing Students Relish Graduation

It’s the time of year when college programs are coming to a close and graduation ceremonies are taking center stage. Student spending up to six years in college to obtain a nursing degree are elated to be finished, but know that challenges lie ahead. Some students and nursing schools are sharing their experiences with graduation this season. In New Jersey, one school is announcing students … [Read more...]

A Study Guide for Nursing Students

During you time in a nursing school or in a nursing program at one of the nation’s accredited colleges, you will spend much of your effort on studying all about the human body, drugs, and medical equipment used in the field of nursing. It can be difficult to keep up with studies while maintaining a healthy stress level and healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, there are tips that can make your life … [Read more...]

Nursing Schools Offer Memories and Motivation to Graduates

As the school semester ends, nursing students are looking forward to walking across the stage at their graduation ceremony. Relieved to finish their studies, many students find graduation a time of bitter sweet emotions as they face the prospect of leave the security of college and head out into the real job market. One school in California shared their graduation experience, where students were … [Read more...]

Must Read Blogs for Students in Nursing School

For students about to enter nursing school, it can be a terrifying time. The prospect of entering into a challenging program – both scholastically and psychologically – can be a sobering experience for anyone. One of the best ways to curtail this kind of stress is to do a little research into the lives of real students attending nursing schools throughout the country. To help get started, we’ve … [Read more...]

Is it Possible to Work While Going to Nursing School?

Going to nursing school without working at an outside job is hard enough. But is it possible to go to school while working a full-time or part-time job? For students who are dedicated to becoming an LPN, RN, or other type of nurse – there are few things that can stand in the way, job included. Sometimes it’s about choosing the right type of job. published Good Student … [Read more...]