Nursing Students Host 2nd Annual Fit N Fun Event

Among the top priorities in medicine this year is the battle against childhood obesity and other fitness related conditions. While nursing students are surely taught about the dangers of poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise, some are learning first hand just how to make a real difference in the lives of others. In Tennessee, a group of students are participating in a day that is … [Read more...]

UW Nursing Students Take Part in New Education Strategy

Nursing students at the University of Wyoming are expected to be among the first round of college students to take part in a new project to transform nursing education. According to UW, the program will focus on pressing healthcare issues such as access and cost. This new program is only available in 20 states so far and promises to fill a void in current programs. As it stands, students who do … [Read more...]

Foundation Announces 2013 Nursing Education Scholarships

At a time when the struggle to find financial stability is at an all-time high, some students are able to benefit from scholarship program targeted at nursing education. Throughout the country, organizations are working hard to ensure that the nursing demand is met with vigor over the next decade. Scholarship, grant, and loan availability play a big role in ensuring that the next generation of … [Read more...]

Nursing Students in OK Get Financial Boost from State

At a time when many cities are struggling to meet the growing demand for qualifies nurse professionals, the state of Oklahoma is pushing the envelope and helping those closest to home. Nursing students in the state are now able to apply for state-funded financial aid for nursing school programs that will lead to quality nurses in the state. While most financial aid packages must be repaid by … [Read more...]

Rural Nursing Gets a Boost in Texas

An Abilene nursing school is doing more to assure that residents in rural areas have access to nurses and better healthcare. The Texas Tech Science Center is set to open a new School of Nursing building in Abilene to train new professionals. Rural nurses are responsible for providing critical and life saving services, in addition to standard care, to individuals who live out of the reach of … [Read more...]

Male Nurses Triple in 40 Years

According to the latest reports, the number of male nurses in the United States has nearly tripled in the last 40 years. CBS News reports that almost 10% of all nurses are male, up from 2.7% in the 1970s. As nursing schools continue to expand program options to cover the nursing shortage, this insight adds more explanation to the increasing competition among students for the top programs in the … [Read more...]

Major Industry Mag Partners with Nursing CE Program

Scrubs magazine, a major source of news and information for professionals and nursing students, will be partnering with a company to offer continued education courses and information to RNs and other nurses. According to a Business Wire Press Release, Scrubs magazine and will host and deliver the CE training. All nurses are required to obtain continued education credits in order to … [Read more...]

Nursing Students Help Take Charge of Childhood Obesity

A group of students and faculty from the University of Arizona Little Rock are working with elementary schools in the area to help curb childhood obesity. The volunteers from UALR’s nursing program have spent hundreds of hours taking measurements and working with a local program to track student success. A major success in the program is the cooperation from parents of students at the elementary … [Read more...]

Schools Continue to See Success for Nursing Grads

It is no secret that there are vast opportunities for nurses in the nation thanks to a multi-faceted national shortage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, RN and specialist careers will continue to grow until at least 2020. (BLS) Most nursing schools are aware that the continued market growth will be great for their students, but some are reporting immediate impacts. While there were … [Read more...]

Madrid Program Gains Awards for Nursing School

Few nursing students get the rare opportunity to study their profession abroad, but that’s exactly what is available to students at one nursing school. Students at Saint Louis University are offered the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take the show on the road and spend their first two years of nursing school in Madrid, Spain. The Institute of International Education lauds the program and students of … [Read more...]