Nursing Programs Teeming as Industry Thrives

In a time when employment opportunities seem limited in many other industries, nursing is an exciting career field with growing opportunities. Major metropolitan areas are already feeling the effects of the nursing shortage that so many experts have predicted. But the thriving opportunities in nursing aren’t limited to big cities. Many places in the country are experiencing a rapid increase in … [Read more...]

High-Tech Training for Nursing Students VA

Students at the George Washington University nursing program are getting a high-tech upgrade that allows them to work on simulator to learn proper patient care. Many schools across the nation are turning to technology to train the next generation of nurses. Nursing Schools Direct reported on other such programs at a Maryland nursing school and at a nursing program in Hawaii. For students in … [Read more...]

LPN to RN Programs Becoming More Common

As the nation’s nursing schools buckle-down to provide as much student support as possible, continued calls from officials seeking RNs are taking the stage. The nursing shortage was predicted by officials a few years ago, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to report the growing need in the profession. However, it is more apparent that the primary demand for nurses lies in positions that … [Read more...]

2012 Review: Nursing Students, Graduates on the Move

As many official predictions warned, the demand for nurses has created a whirlwind of challenges that are expected to last throughout the current decade. In response to the warnings, students across the nation have applied to nursing schools in record numbers – creating a stark increase in the number of new nursing students in 2012. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted an upswing in the number … [Read more...]

Will Residency Programs Become Routine for RNs?

As it stands, students in the United States can take one of three paths to become a Registered Nurse – earn a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, or a qualifying diploma. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics) Regardless of the path, all RNs are required to pass a state licensing exam and become certified. For most RNs, this is where the pre-career training ends, with continued education … [Read more...]

Nursing Classes Get a Second Look by Error Experts

The most recent issue of Health Affairs, a medical journal, cites six universities at which research teams confirmed a long-standing problem in healthcare facilities: Preventable errors by nurses and other medical staff can and do cause unnecessary patient deaths. According to their findings, errors are a leading cause of death in the United States – beating Aids, cancer, and traffic accidents. … [Read more...]

School Heeds Demand for Nurse Educators

Nurse educators are in demand across the nation, as the federal government continues to alert the public that more qualified professionals are needed in the medical field. The shortage of nurses in the nation has been an ongoing problem for many years and analysts say that this issue isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Nursing schools across the nation are trying to open their nursing programs … [Read more...]

Nursing Students Prepare for Disaster

A group of students attending classes at a community college received first-hand training on an important skill area recently: trauma and disaster response. The students are in their second year of nursing school and used a simulated disaster scenario to put their skills to the test handling disaster emergencies in Indiana. Thanks to help from the Medical Reserve Corps and Tippecanoe County Health … [Read more...]

Nursing School Receives Generous Donation

The nursing program at Francis Marion University received a significant vote of support this year from a local health. McLeod Health has provided financial support for the nursing school many times in the past and this donation was worth $75,000, a gift that school coordinators say will go far in supporting nursing students: (WMBF) McLeod Health has once again partnered with Francis Marion … [Read more...]

Nursing Colleges Team Up for Student Access

Nursing colleges continue to open up all across the nation in order to meet the demands of the health industry and the local community the schools will reach. A new program agreement by Baylor University will offer the chance for local students from Dallas Baptist University to attend a nursing program at the school. (Baylor) Officials from Baylor University and Dallas Baptist University(DBU) … [Read more...]