Nursing School Provides Online Alternative

As one school proves with the addition of an online associate’s program, recent innovations in online media make it possible for more students to complete a degree program. Allowing nursing students to complete studies and tests over the internet allows flexibility for students that may not be able to take full time courses due to work, family, or other obligations. (NECN) Southern University … [Read more...]

Recent Nursing School Grad Saves a Life

Most nursing school graduates expect to help save lives at some point in their careers, but few dream of it happening so soon after college. This is the story of one new nurse who, while en-route to a Royal’s game, was skilled enough to help save a man’s life. (KCTV5) Two graduations saved a Virginia man's life earlier this month. Ryan Walker, 23, had just graduated from nursing school at … [Read more...]

Nursing Students Choose Army to Help with Nursing School

A nursing student uses her brain power and will power to achieve her dreams as a high-impact nurse who truly makes a difference in the lives of others. The story of Amy Lee and Brittany Gardner is a compelling mix of sheer desire and will to obtain their goals. Lee and Gardner decided that the Army was the best way to reach their destination and, as reported by UAB, Lee was happy she made that … [Read more...]

Nursing School Graduate: Easy to Find Jobs

As many newly licensed nursing school graduates are discovering, finding a job in the current market isn’t all that difficult if you are looking in the right places. As we’ve pointed to in previous stories, landing a good nursing job is about location. Some areas of the country are saturated with nurses, but official estimates state that these areas are few and far-between when compared to the … [Read more...]

Nursing School to Open to Meet Demand

Nursing schools across the country are having a hard time keeping up with the flood of applications to their respective programs. In Upstate SC, one college is working hard to open a new nursing school to meet the demands of the region. In South Carolina, the student population in nursing programs is exceeding school resources. (WSPA) May 17th, 2012 An Upstate university got one step closer … [Read more...]

Students Share Mixed Feelings about New Campus

Students in nursing programs at traditional colleges enjoy the campus life for the most part. It allows them the ability to feel connected to the entire student body. But what happens when the school moves the nursing program to a different campus, entirely? That’s the subject of debate between students and faculty at Yale School of Nursing. As reported by the Yale Daily News, the nursing … [Read more...]

Freshmen Class at Nursing School is 100% Non-Traditional

As nursing schools are working to accept larger incoming classes, some are finding that the student body is a little more mature than expected. As more people decide to bail on failing industries and grow weary of an unstable job market, they are turning to a more stable, traditional career path in the allied health industry. The Associated Press produced a report about one school where the entire … [Read more...]

More Nursing Schools Focusing on PTSD in U.S. Soldiers

As we reported earlier this week, nursing schools are now beginning to focus attention on training in psychological disorders that are the effect of spending time in war-torn countries. Soldiers returning to the United States from war zones are sometimes extremely affected by their experiences. Normally, the VA would handle such care; but as many news outlets are reporting – it can take months to … [Read more...]

Nursing School Struggles with Accreditation

Nursing schools are accredited based on many factors, including staff qualifications, curriculum planning and management, and student resources. They are also critiqued based on the success rate of students attempting to take the nurse licensing exam in their state. For this reason, some smaller schools have a hard time with this step of the process. As one school found out, with smaller class … [Read more...]

Nursing School Focuses on Caring for Veterans

Veteran health care can be a challenge for any health care professional, but nursing staff are more exposed to the realities of veteran care than other medical personnel. Because some injuries are traumatic, special training in dealing with the physical and emotional aspect of combat related injury can be very important in the field. This is why some nursing schools are taking the proactive … [Read more...]