Nursing Schools Face Threats of Violence

Nursing schools are not places that come to mind when most people think of violence, but as recent history has proven – no place is immune. Earlier this year, Oikos University nursing school befell tragedy when a student came into the school armed with a weapon and killing innocent victim. For eight months, they studied shoulder to shoulder in a stripped-down classroom with cream-colored walls … [Read more...]

Nursing School Students Recognized for Leadership

Most nursing students know by graduation if they can make it in the intense nursing industry, but to be recognized as an outstanding leader while earning your doctorate in nursing? Nursing school is hard enough, but 142 students found ways to cope with the stress and become named for Nursing Excellence from The Jonas Center. Students in nursing schools face tough challenges in terms of academic … [Read more...]

College of Nursing Celebrates Full Pass Rate

Even at the best nursing schools in the country, it is rare for an entire graduating class to pass their licensing exam. When it does happen, we can almost always look to superior leaders and educators as the catalyst for success. Students in nursing schools deserve the rights for celebration as well; nursing school is hard and passing a licensing exam is one of the most difficult challenges they … [Read more...]

Nursing Schools Struggle with Increasing Applications

A worldwide publication is bringing it to national attention that while government officials and the health sectors of industry are still calling on the public to get into the nursing profession, getting trained to become a nurse remains a significant challenge. Even though thousands of new students apply to nursing programs around the country every year, relatively few of them are actually being … [Read more...]

Nursing School Lands Federal Grant

With nursing shortages occurring all over the nation, schools are having a hard time keeping up with the influx of students who want to get into the profession. Between a lack of nurse educators and budget cuts occurring all across the education system, it’s positive reinforcement when nursing schools get a little help from federal funds to allow more students into their program. This is what … [Read more...]

Foundations Weigh in on Nursing Schools & Shortages

Minority students in national nursing schools are afforded scholarships and scholar programs from various agencies throughout the U.S. Mentor programs and other resources for students at nursing schools are just one of the ways in which nursing schools around the county are attempting to limit the crisis in the future. Johnson & Johnson is one non-profit organization that recently announced a … [Read more...]

Nursing College Comes to Atlanta

A nursing college based in Illinois is opening a new campus in Atlanta, GA to accept students into the nursing program beginning on April 30th. The Chamberlain College of Nursing opened the Atlanta campus in Perimeter Center, complete and equipped with Chamberlain’s SIMCARE CENTER™. The SIMCARE CENTER™ is a state-of-the-art clinical environment which offers nursing students the opportunity … [Read more...]

Nursing School in UT Meets Immediate Demand

A Utah nursing shortage is finally easing up thanks to area nursing schools, but the state is still worried about shortages as it faces country wide record lows in the number of nurses per portion of the population. The national average for nurses is 854 nurses per 100,000 people. In Utah, there are only 598 nurses per 100,000 people; and that number is up from 592 in 2003. The news of … [Read more...]

Nursing School Grads Moving From City

Nursing schools and community health officials in Alberta are worried about the upcoming nursing shortage in their town of Calgary. Although there are two nursing schools in the city and they both are teaching and graduating nursing students from accredited programs, it seems as though the students are jumping ship and moving to other towns to start their nursing careers. The news comes out … [Read more...]

LA Nursing School Offers New Online Classes

New, online nursing classes at a Louisiana college are making it much easier for students who want to earn a bachelors degree in nursing to obtain their goals through a distance learning program. The new online nursing classes are being offered by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette through the College of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals for students who have already earned an … [Read more...]