College of Nursing Celebrates Full Pass Rate

Even at the best nursing schools in the country, it is rare for an entire graduating class to pass their licensing exam. When it does happen, we can almost always look to superior leaders and educators as the catalyst for success. Students in nursing schools deserve the rights for celebration as well; nursing school is hard and passing a licensing exam is one of the most difficult challenges they have faced up to that point in time. This is the topic of a news release by school of nursing at the University of Rochester, who saw 100% of students pass their exam:

The University of Rochester School of Nursing officially learned today that every one of the 53 men and women who graduated in December from its accelerated bachelor’s degree program for non-nurses (APNN)has passed the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX). The students were all enrolled in the APNN cohort that began in January 2011 and concluded in December 2011.

Although the NCLEX pass rate for the School’s APNN graduates has consistently been above 90% for several years, this is the first time that an entire cohort has achieved a 100% pass rate since the program began ten years ago. At nursing schools here and across the country, achieving a 100% pass rate on the licensing exam is uncommon regardless of enrollment size, but is especially rare in nursing schools with cohorts of more than 50 students. The School has also received word that at least 70% of its December graduates are already employed as nurses; the majority of them in the Rochester area.

The School of Nursing’s NCLEX pass rate for 2011 is 94%, which is currently the highest of any APNN baccalaureate program in the state.  The most recently released statistics will be reported as part of 2012 figures.

“One of the first questions prospective nursing students ask us is what our NCLEX pass rate is, and we have always been able to say with great pride that we have one of the highest rates anywhere,” said School of Nursing Interim Dean Kathy H. Rideout, EdD, PNP-BC, FNAP.

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