High-Tech Training for Nursing Students VA

Students at the George Washington University nursing program are getting a high-tech upgrade that allows them to work on simulator to learn proper patient care. Many schools across the nation are turning to technology to train the next generation of nurses. Nursing Schools Direct reported on other such programs at a Maryland nursing school and at a nursing program in Hawaii. For students in Virginia, this update could make a huge difference in their careers after graduation.

“To learn to insert an IV, students practice on a fake arm that walks them through the proper way to start fluids into a patient’s body.

Once they’ve mastered the basics, it’s on to the high-fidelity manikins – those that have computerized functions that can express pain, the sounds of lungs, bowels and the heart and simulate everything from vomiting to a seizure to childbirth and childbirth complications. The manikins have IVs in them complete with drains to provide realistic assessment details needed in a learning situation.” (Read more: Training for Nurses goes high-tech…)

According to most experts, the use of high-tech systems is beneficial in all parts of nurse training programs. A study by the International Journal of Nurse Education Scholarships notes that it is especially essential in communication development, “Using the SimMan vocal function enabled nurse educators to develop communication algorithms that allowed students to interact with SimMan as they would with psychiatric patients. The SimMan algorithms can be designed to mimic many scenarios typically found in psychiatric settings. Nursing students can use this technology to take the therapeutic communication skills they have learned in the classroom and practice them in a safe laboratory environment before entering actual psychiatric settings.” (Access the report from PubMed.)

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