Illinois Nursing School Students Win Scholarship from Deceased Nursing Student’s Parents

Nursing students at a nursing school in Joliet, IL have been awarded a coveted scholarship offered by the parents of a dead nursing student who was killed in a car wreck in the mid-1990’s.

The four University of St. Francis nursing school students were awarded the Jennifer K. Bily Scholarship, a fund foundation created in the girl’s memory by her parents, Anthony and Kathy.

The winners are Stacie Wolcott from Joliet, Shannon MacCarthy from Tinley Park, Gina Aloisio from Aurora, and Katelyn Terry from Sherridan.

One of the nursing school students said that she has been inspired by great nurses and needed an opportunity to complete her degree. This scholarship will enable her to do just that, Stacie Walcott told a local publication.

“I was inspired by other great nurses and I have waited a long time for the opportunity to return to school… Being a nursing student requires a great sacrifice of time and resources for my family. Receiving the Bily scholarship ensures my ability to continue”, Walcott said.

Katelyn Terry and Shannon McCarthy said that they enjoy helping others.

McCarthy, who is has been a professional paramedic for nearly twenty years, said that she has always had the desire to be in health care and feels attending nursing school will offer her the best method of providing care. “It’s an honor to receive the Bily scholarship, to fulfill my dream and share it spiritually. I feel extremely lucky to have received such an honor from the generous donors of this scholarship,” McCarthy said of winning the nursing school scholarship.

The nursing school in Joilet teaches nearly 3,500 students across the country. The college offers many undergraduate curriculums, degree and graduate programs. Nursing school is among forty programs at the institution, which also provides education in arts, science, business, and social work, among others.