Nursing College Experiences Benefits of High Demand in Nursing

The nursing industry is teeming with opportunity. A fact recently discovered by the most recent graduating class from a nursing college in Pikeville, KY.

All fourteen students, the entire graduating class, at National College’s Pikeville nursing college were recently offered jobs – even while waiting for licensing exam results.

The students of the nursing college graduated from their program in November and have already been successful at landing a job in the profession. They are still waiting for their licensing exam grades, but are hopeful because 100% percent of the students in the class before them passed the test.

One of the graduates, Jason Jude works for Williamson Memorial Hospital; a job he has held during his education at the school. He was offered a permanent nursing position at the hospital once the exam results come in. All of the other students were offered a position at another area facility, the Pikeville Medical Center.

The Pikeville Medical Center is honored with a couple of high-ranking awards within the industry, an honor that speaks to the quality of students graduating from the nursing school. The center is nationally ranked as the 7th Best Place to Work by Modern Healthcare, an industry publication, and tops the list of the Best Places to Work at a Healthcare Facility in the state of Kentucky.

The graduating class at the nursing school said they feel well-prepared for their careers and know what is ahead of them. According to the school’s website, graduates Kayla Bryant says she wants to help others as she has been helped and Lora Little said she is happy she chose this particular nursing school.  Little said she was grateful for the instructors at the school, adding that the nursing staff is exceptional. Some of the graduating students said they most recommend National College’s nursing school program because of the faculty, staff, and degree of knowledge they have earned.