Nursing College in Hawaii Gets High-Tech Facility

At a nursing college in Hawaii, students working in a new facility are getting the rare chance to practice their rounds in a realistic simulated hospital.

The new facility at the University of Hawaii Manoa offers live simulations of everything from child birth to rare diseases.

Unlike the older first aid mannequins pictured here, nursing college students at UH get to make their rounds at the realistic hospital ward where patients (mannequins) can blink, deliver babies, and respond to the things that the nursing students are doing to them. A news report by Hawaii News Now shows students at the nursing college assisting a mannequin with child delivery. The mannequin screams and “hears” the students trying to calm her down. To this the mannequin replies “Please! I’m suffering from pain.”

“They really interact with the students,” UH Dean of Nursing Mary Boland told Hawaii News now about the mannequins.  “They can mimic all the common and uncommon conditions that the students will see and give them an opportunity to both build their skills and their confidence,” she added.

Simulations such as this make relevant the lectures that the students hear from professors and drive home the concepts they learn in the classroom.  At this nursing college, students are being taught that people respond similarly in situations, but that there is a big difference between knowing how to do something and knowing how to do it while a patient is screaming in pain. This is a skill most nursing college students won’t learn until their internship phases.

After their rounds, students can go back and review their performance with professors though audio and video recordings that are always tracking student progress in the simulated hospital ward. All of the technology at the facility is software driven, which means that as new technology emerges, the 8 million dollar facility can remain state-of-the-art.


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    Nursing College in Hawaii Gets High-Tech Facility…

    A nursing college in Hawaii implements an $8 million facility where the students are real and the patients are almost real….