Nursing Programs Teeming as Industry Thrives

In a time when employment opportunities seem limited in many other industries, nursing is an exciting career field with growing opportunities. Major metropolitan areas are already feeling the effects of the nursing shortage that so many experts have predicted. But the thriving opportunities in nursing aren’t limited to big cities. Many places in the country are experiencing a rapid increase in demand for nurse professionals – especially in the area of geriatrics and home health care. (See more about these areas of study by visiting our library of nurse career articles.) As one publication explains, an open career field leads to opportunities in education and in nursing:

“With three nursing programs in one city filled to capacity and hundreds of nursing students graduating each year, local educators aren’t worried about the next nursing shortage or even the super-competitive job market that nurses currently face. With its growing senior population, the Lynchburg area is ripe for more nurses. Meeting last week in Richmond, the Virginia Department of Health Professions predicted a flood of nursing retirements in the coming decade due in part to the rising age of Virginia’s registered nurses. A workforce survey shows that the majority of Virginia’s registered nurses are over the age of 40. The peak age group is 55 to 60.

Because of the physical demands of the job, nurses typically retire in their 50s. Retirements, formerly stymied by the poor economy, are back on the table as the economy rebounds.

But at the area’s largest healthcare employer, Centra, the average age of nurses is just 40. “We’ve seen younger nurses graduating from school and joining us here as part of our work-force,” said Patti McCue, chief nursing officer for Centra.  Centra employs about 2,000 nurses and McCue says the need for ambulatory, primary and home-healthcare nurses is on the rise. Nursing schools agree and have taken steps to prepare nurses with more advanced course-work and an intense focus on geriatrics.” (Read more: Nursing is a booming industry…)

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