Nursing School Grads Moving From City

Nursing schools and community health officials in Alberta are worried about the upcoming nursing shortage in their town of Calgary.

Although there are two nursing schools in the city and they both are teaching and graduating nursing students from accredited programs, it seems as though the students are jumping ship and moving to other towns to start their nursing careers.

The news comes out of Mount Royal University and University of Calgary that students are extremely optimistic about their futures in the nursing industry because, like so many places in the United States, there are plenty of jobs once they finish the nursing school. However, because the nursing schools in Alberta are attractive to students outside of the area, the community finds that many of those students are ready to head home after graduation and take up their new careers in their home towns.

The College and Association of Registered Nurses in the area say that there is already a nursing shortage because of the number of retiring nurses.  Other reports of a new campus say that the nursing shortage is expected to increase as that institution seeks to staff the new health facility. All in all, Alberta is pushing 5,000 unfiled nursing positions over the next decade according to some estimates.

This is bad news for the nursing schools that have accommodated many new students simply because there is a nursing shortage in the area. Much like nursing schools in the United States, they create bigger classes and expanding their nursing programs to the maximum limits in order to create more qualified nurses for the region. However, the balance of the new nursing students are primarily coming from outside of the area, leaving a void in the local community that the nursing schools may not be able to fill in the next decade.