Nursing School Graduate: Easy to Find Jobs

As many newly licensed nursing school graduates are discovering, finding a job in the current market isn’t all that difficult if you are looking in the right places. As we’ve pointed to in previous stories, landing a good nursing job is about location. Some areas of the country are saturated with nurses, but official estimates state that these areas are few and far-between when compared to the entire country. Some students are finding it hard to choose jobs, but finding them seems to be a walk in the park.

(The City Wire) May 22, 2012 – When Sarah Struthers graduated from nursing school last summer, she had her pick of Licensed Practical Nurses jobs as soon as she received her certification.

“So many jobs were available,” Struthers said. “As long as I had a license in hand, they were willing to hire me that day.”

Demand for nurses out of nursing school remains high, particularly in Northwest Arkansas, even as hospitals in other locations are cutting the number of positions for new nurses, officials said. Instead, nurses are entering medical clinics, schools and nursing homes, said Lorraine Frazier, dean of the college of nurses in Little Rock.

At hospitals, the recession has cut into health care like never before, said Susan Erickson, the nursing recruiter for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. UAMS has had to tighten its belt during the recession, and that includes cutting by half the number of newly graduated nurses the hospital hires each year, Erickson said.

At Mercy Health System NWA, among the 44 new nurse hires last year, only 10 were newly graduated, according to an email from Candy Alfano, director of nursing. Despite earlier nationwide calls forecasting a statewide nursing shortage, Northwest Arkansas has no shortage, Alfano said.

At Sparks Health System, which recently expanded in Fort Smith, Chief Nursing Executive Cindy Slaydon said…

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