Nursing School in UT Meets Immediate Demand

A Utah nursing shortage is finally easing up thanks to area nursing schools, but the state is still worried about shortages as it faces country wide record lows in the number of nurses per portion of the population.

The national average for nurses is 854 nurses per 100,000 people. In Utah, there are only 598 nurses per 100,000 people; and that number is up from 592 in 2003.

The news of nursing shortages around the country seems to be in conflict depending on where you look for information these days. In Twin Falls, Idaho, recent nursing school graduates are facing a tough time trying to land a good nursing job and pay off the average $50,000 in education debt they racked up during college. In states like Utah, however, there are some cities where the nursing shortage is hitting hard. Some in the industry think that the best move might be to mobilize some of the nation’s three-million nurses; a move that could lower health-care costs for all.

But moving millions of nurses around the country may not really be feasible. As proven in Alberta recently, students attending nursing school in a particular city or state are more likely to return to their home town to being their career as a nurse. That statistic implies that nurses do not always have the desire to set up a life in a new part of the country.

Although many who go into nursing schools are optimistic about their future in the industry, it takes flexibility in many cases. While there is plenty of reason to be optimistic (there really is a national nursing shortage happening), it is important for students to take into account the need for nurses in the city they want to live. Nursing school promises to provide the qualification to work as a nurse, but not the demand.