Nursing School Makes Way for Career-Swapping Degree Students

A CA nursing school is offering a unique opportunity to professionals who have earned a degree in an unrelated field.

The Fresno State Nursing Department is allowing degreed students from other fields of study to apply their current degree toward a nursing school program, allowing the student to fast track their way to a degree in nursing and possibly a brand new career path.

This is especially useful for professionals who may be having a hard time in their own field because of economic problems. The health field is teeming with opportunity and nursing shortages are happening all over the nation with no sign of relief in the near future. In short, the country needs new nurses and many professionals need a new job.

There is a catch.

While, the nursing school will allow any professional with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree to apply for the program, the students will have a mere 18 months to successfully complete the program and be ready to test for certification as a registered nurse. That puts graduation at the end of next year in a program that would normally take three full years to complete with no preparatory degree in hand.

Once they pass the exam for registered nurses, they will begin working on a Masters Degree that will allow them some unique opportunities upon graduation.

Graduating from the nursing school with their former degree on their resumes and the master’s degree, the students will be eligible to practice as a specialized nurse in a hospital setting as usual. But they will also be qualified to teach junior college level courses or go on to work in clinical courses at a college.

The program, which will be the third run for the nursing school, will begin in May and runs year round with very few breaks.


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    Nursing School Makes Way for Career-Swapping Degree Students…

    A CA nursing school is making it possible for students with an unrelated degree to fast-track their program….