Nursing Schools Face Threats of Violence

Nursing schools are not places that come to mind when most people think of violence, but as recent history has proven – no place is immune. Earlier this year, Oikos University nursing school befell tragedy when a student came into the school armed with a weapon and killing innocent victim.

For eight months, they studied shoulder to shoulder in a stripped-down classroom with cream-colored walls while planes roared overhead, heading to and from the airport next door.

There was a mother of three, and a young woman still living with her parents. A part-time waitress and a part-time mental health counselor, a former lawyer and a former grocery stock boy. One came after years of working for the Tibetan government in exile, another left behind war-torn Afghanistan…

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Now, when a threat is made at a nursing school it is taken seriously. The students at WVU are preparing for such an event, thanks to a chilling threat from a former student:

Students of the West Virginia University School of Nursing participated in emergency training Monday to prepare them for a shooter situation after a former student threatened the safety of the school.

Upon being expelled from the School of Nursing, an individual who administration had encountered problems with in the past made an indirect threat concerning the department’s faculty, said University Police Chief Bob Roberts.

“We’ve dealt with this person in the past when he was initially removed from the school. We received a call saying there was a possible threat, and it was enough that we went ahead and followed up – especially with everything that’s going on in the country right now,” Roberts said.

Roberts said there is no longer a threat, and the individual is currently incarcerated for other offenses outside the Morgantown area… (Read more about the nursing school threat at The Daily Athenaeum.)

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