Nursing Students Choose Army to Help with Nursing School

A nursing student uses her brain power and will power to achieve her dreams as a high-impact nurse who truly makes a difference in the lives of others. The story of Amy Lee and Brittany Gardner is a compelling mix of sheer desire and will to obtain their goals. Lee and Gardner decided that the Army was the best way to reach their destination and, as reported by UAB, Lee was happy she made that decision:

(UAB) In 2007, Mary Lee and her friend Brittany Gardner were college graduates with big dreams that had yet to be fulfilled.

Lee always had an interest in both the military and nursing. But she was doing good work — high-impact work — after graduating from UAB in 2003 with a health promotion degree. She worked for the YMCA, organizing the group’s youth sports and fitness efforts and spearheading a childhood-obesity program. But still she dreamed of a career in the military and nursing. Because the military offers world-class education, training and opportunity, she thought joining the Army would be the first step in realizing her dreams.

“Brittany and I were sitting around one day, and we just decided we needed to make a change,” Lee says. “We wanted to serve our country and make a difference. And we could receive valuable experiences and training while saving to pay for nursing school.”

Five years later, Lee is an Army veteran and a graduate of the UAB School of Nursing’s Veteran’s Affairs Nursing Academy. She graduated earlier this month and will begin her nursing career in the Surgical Intensive Care Step-Down Unit (SICU) in UAB Hospital in June.

“I really feel I’m prepared after being a part of the VA Nursing Academy,” Lee says. “You get focused and intense education, especially with the veteran population. I know my education combined with the experience I’m going to get in the SICU is going to help me reach my ultimate career goal of becoming a MedEvac…

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