Popular Nursing College Wins Grant

The nursing college at John Hopkins University has been awarded a grant by the Helene Fuld Health Trust of New York.

The school won the grant to help it get ready for a new program that will produce 200 new clinical nurses over the next few years.

The Helene Fuld Leadership Program for the Advancement of Patient Care Quality and Safety grant will provide a good foundation for the improvement of quality and safety through measures that are targeted at the leaders of the program.

The nursing school will help to create a program for the specific purpose of turning nurses into leaders in the health care environments in which they will work. The nursing college has been the recipient of several grants that help the college to stand out above other similar institutions. John Hopkins is is considered a pioneer in many facets of medical care.

The new program funded by the grant will foster leadership that is primarily focused on the elderly, a group that composes most of the patients in the hospital.

The participating medical professionals at the nursing college will be able to work directly with the Fellows in Patient Care and Safety from Fuld. The Fellows gain special insight into education and relationships between professions and will work among the employees at the one of the country’s best nursing colleges. They will also get to learn with the best providers in medicine and general public health.

Martha N. Hill, PhD, RN. is the dean of the nursing college at John Hopkins. “The Fuld Leadership Program will transform the School’s ability to prepare future clinical nursing leaders with strong competencies in quality and safety,” said the dean. “In addition, the program will help strengthen nursing education nationwide by offering an exemplary academic approach to building competencies in quality and safety that can be replicated or adapted at other leading institutions.”