Recent Nursing School Grad Saves a Life

Most nursing school graduates expect to help save lives at some point in their careers, but few dream of it happening so soon after college. This is the story of one new nurse who, while en-route to a Royal’s game, was skilled enough to help save a man’s life.

(KCTV5) Two graduations saved a Virginia man’s life earlier this month.

Ryan Walker, 23, had just graduated from nursing school at Concorde College. He was headed to a Royals game at Kauffman Stadium.

Thomas Hinds had just flown into Kansas City from his home in Virginia Beach, VA. He was in Kansas City for his grandson’s graduation and the family headed to a Royals game.

As the family began to make the long trek from their car to the gates, Hinds began to feel unwell.

“We were about halfway there and I said, ‘I better stop.’ I said, ‘I better stop.’ I said, ‘I think I’m going to pass out,'” he recalled. “And I fell to the ground.”

Hinds was suffering a massive heart attack.

Walker was about 50 feet away in the parking lot. He was tail gating with friends when he saw Hinds collapse. Walker sprinted to his side. He said his instincts just kicked in.

“I ran over there and he wasn’t breathing,” Walker recounted. “He didn’t have a pulse.”

He performed CPR while Royals security rushed to grab defibrillation paddles. Walker then used those on Hinds.

Rushed to Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence, Hinds was treated and later released. Doctors told him that Walker undoubtedly saved his life. Walker works at that same hospital as a registered nurse.

“The doctor said, ‘You died and they brought you back,'” Hinds said. “He said, ‘You were very, very lucky.’ The young man who did the…

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