School Working to Expand Nursing Classes, Locations

The nursing program at Jefferson State Community College in Pell City, AL is looking to expand its program and add more locations for nursing classes soon.

The nursing school is expanding to two more locations, in Pell City and in Chilton-Clanton, to provide opportunities to those communities.

The nursing college at the school has been established since 1965 and the much anticipated plans to expand the program are finally complete.  “The expansion to these locations will provide more community access to our quality nursing program,” the school’s nursing director, Bonnie Glass said.

The nursing classes offer powerful lessons that empower students to be successful at certification exams as well as in the professional world.

The Alabama Board of Nursing requires that students graduating from nursing schools pass the state exam with at least 80% success. The overall state test scores average at 88%, and the nursing school students who test from Jefferson State College generally exceed both statistics.

Students at the new nursing school campuses will be able to access the same quality of instruction and resources that are already available at the school’s Jefferson and Shelby-Hoover campuses, according to Glass. The currently enrolled 700 students attending nursing classes at the college have access to web and classroom resources.

Two new health facilities in the areas where the new nursing schools will reside, which stands to boost enrollment at the new locations. St. Vincent’s St. Clair Hospital and a new veteran’s home are attributed to a rising interest in the newly available nursing classes.

Professionals of other industries are expected to take interest as well, since the decline in teaching and law positions in the area have been impacted by the economic downturn.

Nursing classes for the spring term are open for enrollment until December 20th and classes start in January. The nursing school is looking to enroll 25 to 30 students starting in the spring.