Schools Continue to See Success for Nursing Grads

Nursing Grads SuccessIt is no secret that there are vast opportunities for nurses in the nation thanks to a multi-faceted national shortage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, RN and specialist careers will continue to grow until at least 2020. (BLS) Most nursing schools are aware that the continued market growth will be great for their students, but some are reporting immediate impacts. While there were some economic concerns about the availability of jobs, this isn’t necessarily the case for RN graduates.

“Several factors have led to the need for nurses, including a retiring work force and aging baby boomers, according to Judy Peasak, a nurse recruiter and registered nurse at United Hospital Center. “There is an abundance of jobs,” she said. “I always say I could go to anywhere in the United States and find a job in a week.”

Along with June Jett, another registered nurse at United Hospital Center, Peasak is responsible for working with local nursing schools to attract students to join the nursing staff at UHC. “We are very fortunate to have the nursing schools that we have here,” Peasak said.

Schools that train nurses in the area include West Virginia University, Alderson-Broaddus College, Fairmont State University, Salem International University, West Virginia Wesleyan College and Davis & Elkins College. The presence of nursing schools in the area allows young people who want to stay here find a challenging, good-paying job, as well, Peasak said.” (Read more: Nurses needed…)

Another draw for nursing students is the flexibility in income and jobs that are available in the nursing field. Specialty training programs and on-the-job training can help launch professionals into higher pay grades and fresh job opportunities. Nurses are no longer ‘stuck’ in the job they trained to do in college since so many specialists are educated with the same core set of skills. An RN can become a specialist in almost any field of nursing as long as he or she obtained a 2-year degree or better.

“Scheduling is also flexible, according to Peasak. While many nurses work 12 hour shifts three days a week, overtime hours are also available. Nurses also sometimes pick up second jobs or work per diem. “If you get bored with what you’re doing, you can move into another area of nursing and usually not even leave where you’re working,” Peasak said.

Pay is another attractive feature of nursing. Recent graduates can start out at UHC making $21.37 per hour, equivalent to $44,450 annually, with opportunities for overtime.” (Read more: Nurses needed…)

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