Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach

Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach

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Covering all advanced practice competencies and roles, this book offers strategies for enhancing patient care and legitimizing your role within today's health care system. It covers the history of advanced practice nursing, the theory behind the practice, and emerging issues. Offering a comprehensive exploration of advanced practice nursing, this edition also adds a focus on topics including the APN scope of practice, certification, and the ethical and legal issues that occur in clinical practice.

  • The development of all major competencies of advanced practice nursing is discussed: direct clinical practice, consultation, coaching/guidance, research, leadership, collaboration, and ethical decision-making.
  • Advanced practice competencies are discussed in relation to all advanced practice nursing and blended CNS-NP roles (case manager, acute care nurse practitioner), highlighting the shared aims and distinctions of each role.
  • In-depth discussions on educational strategies explain how competencies develop as the nurses' practice progresses.
  • A chapter on research competencies demonstrates how to use evidence-based research in practice, and how to promote these research competencies to other APNs.
  • A conceptual framework shows the clear relationship between the competencies, roles, and challenges in today's health care environment.
  • Practical strategies are provided for business management, contracting, and marketing.

  • Comprehensive information covers the essential competencies of the new Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.
  • More exemplars (case studies) provide real-life scenarios showing APN competencies in action.
  • A new chapter shows how to provide reliable and valid data to substantiate your impact and justify equitable reimbursement for APN services, also enhancing your skills in quality improvement strategies, informatics, and systems thinking.
  • Information on telehealth considerations covers the new sources of electronic healthcare information available to patients and describes how to counsel them on using reliable resources.


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  1. Rating

    An informative book for those pursuing an Advanced Practice Degree in Nursing. Practical, relevant information about many different aspects. Would definitely recommend.

  2. Kara Lamb says


    This is an excellent book. I highly recommend it to other advanced practice nursing(APN) students or APNs.

  3. M. Davis says


    It is a well written text book for those seeking information re: advanced practice in nursing.

  4. S. Shopper says


    A textbook for school, no matter what I say here… you probably still have to purchase it. No pictures in the whole book (all the pages are slap full of words), so get ready for a long semester!

  5. Rating

    What is a CNS? Well, the other advanced practice nurses are fairly easy to understand – but this book says it all. It has been the most used book (okay, well, besides my Rosen’s for emergency care) I own. Dr. Hamric is very well respected and known and the respective authors in the book are nationally known and respected. This is THE book and highly recommended for anyone wanting to know about advanced practice nursing, where we came from, the theory behind what we do and why, issues that are facing us and outcomes and more and more. I’ve used it for EVERY core content class and see myself using it even when I’m practicing. I’m glad that our CNS professor had us purchase this book over any other role book. It really is an excellent resource.

  6. M. Gamble says


    As nursing textbooks go, this one is a keeper. The amount of information in this book is incredible, especially the Internet site information. The only thing preventing it from being a 5 star book is the overall presentation. The writing style is very dry and somewhat redundant. This is a required text for my graduate program so I have to read it but I’m keeping it for future reference.

  7. Rating

    I am very pleased with this purchase. Received book way before expected delivery date. Will use this supplier again.

  8. Rating

    This a very helpful book while obtaining an advanced practice nursing degree. This book encompass multiple facts about the advanced nursing practice from beginning to current.

  9. Susan M. Mugford says


    I am using this book for one of my Master’s courses. Some of the reading is dry but it is a good reference book all in all.

  10. P. Gordon says


    No matter what type of APN you are, this is a good textbook to review the role of the APN as well as the history of our professions. Easy to read and understand, covers the topics completely.