Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses with CD

Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses with CD

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Safety 1st The information nurses need.when, where, and how they need it!Today's most comprehensive nursing drug guide emphasizes safety 1st!Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses, Twelfth Edition always puts safety first.emphasizing the information nurses need to know to administer medications competently and safely.across the lifespan. Well-organized monographs for hundreds of generic and thousands of trade name drugs reflect the latest FDA approvals and changes.The TWELFTH EDITION at a glance. NEW and UPDATED CONTENTNEW! Free, 1-year subscription to Drug Guide Online (DrugGuide.com) featuring over 1,500 complete drug monographs, the latest FDA approvals, and much more. NEW & UNIQUE! Pharmacogenomic content. UPDATED! Thoroughly reviewed, revised, and updated monographs. UPDATED! Evidence-based content related to pharmacotherapeutics. UPDATED! Full-color insert, including photographs of "Tall Man," high alert, and commonly seen drugs. NEW! Additional headings for special populations. EXPANDED! Herbal content. UPDATED! Cost information for 200 top drugs. UPDATED! Nursing diagnoses. UPDATED! FREE mobile download of 100 complete drug monographs. NEW and ENHANCED CLINICAL and LEARNING TOOLS NEW! Interactive Flash cards. UPDATED! Case Studies. NEW! Audio podcasts. NEW! Calculator for Body Mass Index (BMI). NEW and ENHANCED TEACHING RESOURCES NEW! Electronic Test Bank. UPDATED! PowerPoint presentations. UPDATED! Case Studies. UPDATED! Classroom Activities.SAFETY 1ST WITH ALL OF THE STRENGTHS THAT HAVE MADE IT THE DRUG GUIDE OF CHOICE YEAR AFTER YEAR! nursing practice All 5 steps of the nursing process. The Joint Commission's guidelines on pain management. Vulnerable patient populations across the lifespan in each monograph. Extensive coverage of IV administration, in both the Pharmacology and Nursing Implications sections, highlighted by special subheads, with specific information on. dilution, concentration, and rate clinical precautions direct IV administration intermittent or continuous infusions lifespan considerations IV compatibilities and incompatibilities patient safety and preventing medication errors More high-alert coverage and patient safety information than any other drug guide. Life-threatening side effects most frequently encountered problems do not confuse with, do not crush, break, or chew medications how to avoid common errors, where appropriate. Drug-drug, drug-natural products, and drug-food interactions. How to administer medication safely by all routes, with information on preparation and mixture of oral meds methods for parenteral administration, toxicity and signs of overdose dosing considerations for patients with renal or hepatic impairment much more! Thorough Patient and Family Teaching Guidelines. Well-structured and readable Organized by generic drug name, with an index that includes generic and trade names, classifications, combination drugs, and herbals. An engaging, easy-to-read style.Safety 1st with Unique clinical and learing tools! Resource Kit CD-ROM (Mac & PC Compatible) This is not your ordinary drug guide CD-ROM! Completely revised and updated, Davis's Drug Guide, Twelfth Edition CD-ROM is a complete Resource Kit with tools students and clinicians need to administer medications safety and competently. UPDATED & UNIQUE! Preventing Medication Errors Tutorial provides. a medication safety review a self test with "real-life" scenarios physician orders rationales for correct and incorrect answers UPDATED & UNIQUE! Psychotropic Drugs Tutorial depicts the safe administration of psychotropic medication and includes monograph content for select psychotropic drugs and a multiple-choice self-test. UPDATED! Wound Care Tutorial provides a photographic overview of the different types of wounds and wound care products as well as a self-test, with answers and rationales. UPDATED! FREE, mobile download of 100 complete drug monographs. UPDATED! Interactive Case Studies offer brief "real-life" scenarios followed by a series of questions. Results can be printed or e-mailed. UPDATED! Drug Search Program offers easy access to nearly 700 drug monographs with audio pronunciations. (Copy, paste, and print each one.) NEW! Calculator for Body Mass Index (BMI) as well as calculators for metric conversions, IV drip rates, dosage/kg calculations, and Fahrenheit/Celsius. NEW! Audio Library for nearly 1,000 drug names from the Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses database. Wound Care Clinical Sheet, pocket sized and printable, offers a quick review of pressure ulcer prevention strategies. wound assessment pressure ulcer stages and treatment wound care products more!


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  1. Jennifer Sutton says


    I am a 3rd semester nursing student and I absolutely love this drug guide. I have used others before, but this one is the best. It has the best IV drug administration info. It has side effects listed as the most life threatening in bold, and the most frequent in underlines. That makes it easy to wade through all of the possible side effects to the most likely and the most threatening that you may need to know for patient care and, of course, when getting quized by clinical instructors 🙂 When my friends can’t find a drug or a detail about administration they always ask for my book or my PDA (i have this version on my PDA also). This is the best drug book I have seen; it also has nursing diagnoses and great patient teaching instructions.

  2. M. Franta says


    I teach nursing, and this DAVIS Drug Guide for Nurses is a must-have for all my students as they learn how to professionally administer medications to their clients.
    All nurses should have a convenient system to use when the occasion arises that a nurse gives a medication that they are unfamilair with…I found that this DAVIS Guide is a quick and easy way to investigate the medication, it’s indications, contraindications, nursing considerations and idiosyncrasies. Adverse reactions and normal dosing ranges are included for all medications …..
    There is also caution advised to prevent medication errors….near misses are always preferred over real errors any day. How the heart skips a beat whenever that happens!
    Nurses NEVER intend to make errors, and this book gives a cautionary tale in the beginning – to help professionals understand the grave seriousness of it all.
    It’s never too late to buy an informative drug guide, and here I recommend this book to ALL — professional or not.
    It’s cruicial that all people who give medications or take them understand the actions of the medications comprehensively.
    The more one knows the more choices they posses.
    Before you pass the meds,
    pass the DAVIS Drug Guide!

  3. Anonymous says


    My pharmacology class required Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses. Being a cynic, I checked out all the other guides available at the time. Davis’s is the BEST drug guide for students, new grads and long-time nurses. Nursing dx are included with every drug listed. Quick and simple to use. Cross-referenced by brand and generic names. OTC medications get the same treatment as prescription medications. Davis’s also has listings for the most used herbals and excellent content to help guide the nurse in herbal-drug interactions. The best deal out there, I am buying my third copy of this excellent resource.

  4. Rating

    I have found this to be the most useful drug book on the market. The doctors at the hospital prefer to use my Davis’ over the PDR. It’s a quicker to find the pertinant info on any type of dosage for every type of patient.

  5. Rating

    While working as an office RN I am often asked by a patient questions about the “new” medication they are on. This book provides the answers. It’s easy to read, each drug is broken into quick to find sections and it is very up-to-date. Don’t practice nursing without this book!

  6. Soaring Heart says


    You can’t go wrong with this fantastic drug guide! It is listed under generic names but if you don’t know the generic name you can look up in the index at the back of the book for the trade name. I had a nurse/lawyer professor for my first year care plans and she wanted it all. This book delivered it ALL: classification, pregnancy catagory, indications, mechanism of action, contraindications and precautions, adverse reactions and side effects, interactions, route and dosage, availability, nursing implications and even potential nursing diagnoses! Also implementation, patient/family teaching and evaluation. Wow! I’ve been very impressed. It came through for me so I didn’t have to go out and buy another drug book which is saying something! Davis’s Drug Guide has even more in the back of the book with many appendixes including: recent drug approvals, additional drugs, combination drugs and opthalmic meds all that include class, indications, adverse reactions and side effects, route and dosage and contraindications and warnings. Appendix E is about natural/herbal products which is as thorough as the drugs that make up the main part of this book. There are pictures of the intramuscular drug sites, formulas helpful for calculating doses, routine pediatric and adult immunizations, recommendations for the safe handling of hazardous drugs, schedules of controlled substances, food sources for specific nutrients (ie foods rich in K, Na, Ca, Fe, vit K, vit D, low Na, foods that acidify urine as well as foods that alkalizine urine), and insulin and insulin therapy. Also throughout the book there is plenty of red lettering amidst the black for high alert warnings where drug overdoses have occurred in the past. The organized, easily found references in this guide could save your client’s lives. Just because a doctor orders it doesn’t mean it is ok to give, as a nurse we have to look it up and know the safe dose and contraindications and more and this book has it all! Highly recommended! Good luck all future nurses!


  7. Cindy Krafft says


    As a home health care therapist, I have been searching for a drug reference book that was easy to use and provided good information I could share with my patients. After reviewing several options, Davis’ book meet my needs perfectly. I have given it to my staff for comment and it was so well received that today I am ordering 10 copies for our department.

  8. Anonymous says


    I am an Instructor of initial Paramedic programs for East Carolina University in Greenville North Carolina. This is the best reference that I have found. This text contains information not found in many similar references such as the half life of a drug and duration of onset. This information is of particular interest to the Paramedic. The individual drugs are easy to locate and the language is precise and free of the useless clutter found in many drug references.

  9. Anonymous says


    I work in ICU/CCU, and at times the ED. I especially like the syringe compability and IV compability guides. I have not found this information in other drug books for nurses. In an emergent situation, it is great to have one text which contains the information you NEED! Nurses in my unit will grab this book for reference (others are available), and so will the doctors. A Nurse Practioner referred this book to me, and I cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses to all nurses, and student nurses. Paperback, 2002 edition review.

  10. Anonymous says


    As a nurse I choose Davis’ Drug Guide because it has all the information I am looking for. I especially like the fact that it includes IV administration information and I don’t need to buy another book with that information in it. This is the 3rd edition I have purchased.