Nurse’s Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales (Nurses Pocket Guide)

Nurse's Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales (Nurses Pocket Guide)

Nurse's Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales (Nurses Pocket Guide) Rating:
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...provides a quick and convenient method for finding information on hundreds of care plans for 144 diseases and disorders.


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  1. Brook Brown says


    Provides a large number of nursing diagnoses as well as rationale and interventions for each diagnosis. Very clearly written and easy to understand.

  2. M. Smith says


    Everything I needed in a book on diagnoses, interventions and rationales. This is a great must-have for all new nursing students.

  3. J. Guisbert says


    I found this book easy to use. (Maybe I’m too used to the books that have no organization.) It breaks down assessments into different focus assessments and the key subjective and objective information. The nursing diagnoses are listed in alphabetical order. Each diagnosis has interventions and rationales broken down into stages and priority. There’s even a little section in the back that gives small info blurbs on related conditions and patient questions.

  4. T. Kennedy says


    Hello, I recommend this book to anyone going into nursing. It has helped me and many of my colleagues in writing our care plans/care maps. It really helps to get you started by giving you different ideas to work with such as objective and subjective data, actions/interventions, desired outcomes/evaluations. I can’t really say enough about this book and don’t know what I’d do without it.

  5. Valerie Lepido says


    This is an awesome book. It helped me tremendously in nursing school. I had three other books that were uselees and much more expensive compair to this one.

  6. Rating

    Practical pocket book with everything you need to help you write nursing care plans. Perhaps one day this resource will be available for my palm pilot!

  7. Rating

    I abolutely love this book. It is great for doing care plans, i had one from 2002 and it got pretty beat up. So i upgraded and it was great. I’ve used this book for care plans from regular general to maternity to pediatric. It is worth the money, but rationales are a bit short and some doesn’t have a rationale, but i still love this book.i

  8. Rating

    This book has every nursing diagnosis with the “related to” and “as evidenced by” parts of the diagnosis. Listed underneath the diagnoses are about 4 different nursing priorities with many interventions underneath.

  9. S. Myles says


    This is a wonderful book. It is compact in size but crammed full with information. I was looking for a portable nursing diagnoses reference and this book fulfills my needs. Additionally, the pull-out card in the backflap of the book is very useful. A reference tool any nursing student or seasoned nurse (myself) would be smart to obtain.

  10. Anonymous says


    This has been a wonderful resource for writing my first care plans as a nursing student starting out in my clinical med/surg rotation. If you can only buy one book, buy this one. It’s easy to use, specific, and all the diagnoses are arranged according to Gordon’s functional health patterns. And there are really great “cheat sheets” in the front for SOAPIE notes and LOTS of short assessments (e.g. respiration, pain, elimination, etc.) It saves you from wanting to carry around your textbook in the hospital! Plus, it’s just the right size and not heavy.