Nursing Care Plans: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention

Nursing Care Plans: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention

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Nursing Care Plans, 6th Edition is the most comprehensive nursing care planning book on the market, with 183 care plans covering the most common nursing diagnoses and clinical problems in medical-surgical nursing. It reflects the most current clinical practice and professional standards in nursing and presents the content in an easy-to-use, reader-friendly format. The book functions as two books in one, with one section including a collection of nursing diagnosis care plans and the other providing a library of disease/disorder care plans that serve as models of care planning for the most common medical diagnoses, medical procedures, and psychosocial conditions seen in nursing practice.

  • Includes the most extensive array of care plans found in any nursing care planning book, with 62 nursing diagnosis care plans and 121 disease/disorder/procedure care plans, for a total of 183.
  • The nursing diagnosis care plan format includes a NANDA definition, a brief explanation of the diagnosis, related NOC outcomes and NIC interventions, related factors, defining characteristics, expected outcomes, ongoing assessment, and therapeutic interventions.
  • The disorders care plan format includes synonyms for the disorder (for ease in cross referencing), a clear and succinct definition of the disorder, related factors, defining characteristics, expected outcomes, NIC interventions and NOC outcomes, ongoing assessment, and therapeutic interventions for each relevant nursing diagnosis.
  • Eye-catching icons distinguish collaborative from independent interventions.
  • Covers adult lifespan issues and issues related to various healthcare settings to equip nurses for a broad range of practice settings, from hospital to home.
  • Provides an alphabetical list of NANDA diagnoses inside the front cover.

  • Includes new disease/disorder care plans for SARS, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Includes new nursing diagnosis care plans for risk for falls, latex allergy response, nausea, and impaired memory.
  • A revised care plan format makes this user-friendly reference even easier to use.
  • Updated and expanded rationales throughout reflect the latest clinical evidence and clinical practice guidelines.
  • Incorporates the 2005-2006 NANDA nursing diagnoses throughout.
  • NIC and NOC classifications reflect the latest editions of Nursing Interventions Classification and Nursing Outcomes Classification.
  • Sample care plan clips in Chapter 1 help orient the user to the rest of the book.
  • The expanded index includes entries for all nursing diagnoses, medical diagnoses, and synonyms for the medical diagnoses.
  • An expanded Evolve website now features 18 Bonus Care Plans.
  • The revised Online Care Plan Constructor includes the four new nursing diagnosis care plans and offers enhanced functionality, allowing users to save created care plans and export them to their word processing program.


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  1. Carla A. Hodder says


    Everyone in my clinical group in nursing school wants to borrow this book from me all the time. It must be the best book ever! I would not survive without it.

  2. Wayne Avery says


    Has been a life saver during clinicals. Easy to follow makes wrighting care plans a breeze. As a nursing student this is a must have for myself and classmates. Just wish I had 3 months ago.

  3. Rating

    this book saved me …. I am a nursing student at molloy, this book was a must have for NUR215. Anyone wo has to do care plans should get this book, it has all the diagnosis with interventions, risks and related to information.

  4. Rating

    I am in an accelerated RN program and I had never before written a care plan. I found the required Carpenito book too difficult to follow and my clinical instructor recommended this one. It was great. All you have to do is look up the condition you are ineterested in and it will give you all revelant care plans. I highly receommend it to all new nursing students.

  5. Rating

    I am a 2nd year nursing student and this book is well organized and covers a multitude of diagnosises that others do not.
    If you need it broken down by Nursing diagnosis and their definitions to qualify a client for that diagnosis,this information is in the beginning of the book.
    This is a must book for nursing clinicals.

  6. Jen the RN says


    I am a senior nursing student and this book is a GODSEND for care plan assignments and as a supplement for class lectures. Organization by medical diagnosis rather than nursing diagnoses helps by including pathophysiology and disease-specific nursing interventions. Interventions are listed very thoroughly with clearly explained rationales. This book is also a great tool for clinical though its size makes it somewhat cumbersome to carry around all day. I highly highly recommend it!

  7. Teresa Weatherwax says


    This is the best care planning book ever. It was recommended by one of my instructors and it has saved me some much unneeded additional stress. This book is easy to read, understand, and follow for any stage of a nursing program. Must have for sure!

  8. Rating

    This book saved me in nursing school! Every semester my teachers kept a copy of my nursing plans to show future students. My friends struggled with care plans, but this book made it easy for me. Highly recommended!

  9. B. Clement says


    This book is a must have for nursing school. It wasn’t the required book for our program, but after another student and I purchased this book, everyone was borrowing it. It was such a hit, the staff is adding it to the book list for new students. LOVE THIS BOOK!!

  10. K. Moulton says


    This book is a great quick reference for preclinical preparation. It covers the most common diseases and medical conditions. The nursing interventions, rationales, and expected outcomes were actuate and easy to understand.