Nursing Theorists and Their Work

Nursing Theorists and Their Work

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The most comprehensive of its kind, this classic resource in the field of nursing theory provides an in-depth look at 49 theorists of historical, international, and significant importance. Each chapter features a clear, consistent presentation of a key nursing philosophy or theory. Case studies and critical thinking activities help bridge the gap between theory and application.

    • A case study at the end of each theorist chapter puts the theory into a larger perspective, helping you understand how the information can be applied to practice.

    • A Major Concepts & Definitions box in each theorist chapter outlines and summarizes the theory's most significant ideas and clarifies content-specific vocabulary.

    • Each theorist chapter concludes with an extensive bibliography outlining numerous primary and secondary sources of information ideal for research projects.

    • Critical Thinking Activities at the end of each theorist chapter challenge you to process the theory presented and apply it to personal and hypothetical practice situations.

    • Introductory chapters provide you with a strong foundation in the history and philosophy of science, logical reasoning, and the theory development process.

    • Diagrams for theories help you visualize and better understand inherently abstract concepts.

    • Each theorist chapter is written by a scholar specializing in that particular theorist's work - often an individual who has worked closely with the theorist.

    • Most chapters have been reviewed and edited by the theorist for currency and accuracy, further validating the accounts set forth in the text.

    • Theorist birth (and if applicable, death) dates help you place each individual into a time context.

      • A new chapter introduces the theorist Afaf Meleis and covers her Transition Theory that has helped shape the theoretical development of nursing.

      • Points for further study at the end of each chapter direct you to assets available for additional information.

      • Need to know information is highlighted in at-a-glance summary boxes throughout to help you quickly review key concepts.

      • Personal quotes from the theorists help you gain insight and make each complex theory more memorable.

      • Updated references include only published works to ensure accuracy and credibility.


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      1. Amy F. Allor says


        Helped me decide on a theorist to do my clinical inquiry project on… I got a 100% on my final paper, so I found it very. Helpful!

      2. Rating

        I thought the book’s content was excellent. I found it easy to follow and it has been an excellent reference book for my nursing class.

      3. Todd M. Grivetti RN CCRN says


        I have used this book in my bachelor’s program. It has been a tremendous reference book and offers good materials for writing professional philosophies. A good book to keep on the shelf for review later.

      4. Rating

        Returned to school to work on my Masters in Nursing and many of the theorists did not exist when I was in my RN program. This book provides easily accessable info and is a great reference. Used and cited it in 2 papers and recieved excellent feedback from prof for using this reference.

        Would highly recommend it!


      5. Jane Reader says


        This textbook is a great resource for nurses studying theory from many different specialty areas.

      6. GasPasser says


        Just remember, this is not a comprehensive work and you will have to constantly review the bibliography and look things up. The writing can be wordy and difficult to understand. Not a top choice of mine for nursing theory.

      7. TravelBuff says


        I received this book a lot faster than anticipated and it was in very good condition. It almost looked brand new.

      8. Jeffrey K. Dillard says


        for any nursing student who needs a detailed source for nursing theorists this is the book to get. I purchased this book when I was required to come up with a different theorist each week to link with my clinicals that I was doing. It made the job much easier and I didn’t have to repeat any of the theorists the entire semester.

      9. Rating

        Great condition, fast delivery! I received my book in less than 3 days! Highly recommended!

      10. Rating

        The book is very accessible and easy to read. Bear in mind that it’s not a long exposition of theories of any one nursing theorist, but a compilation of the major strands of thought of many theorists. From there, you can do more research on any theorist(s) you are interested in. One big disappointment was the absence of Lillian Wald. Surely the founder of the Henry Street Settlement deserves a couple of pages in this book?