Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States, 8th Edition

Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States, 8th Edition

Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States, 8th Edition Rating:
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This is the Eighth Edition of the comprehensive and well-respected text and reference of pathophysiology. As a nurse-physiologist, Carol Porth uniquely emphasizes "concepts" of altered health states, as opposed to factual descriptions of diseases and disorders. This conceptual model integrates the developmental and preventative aspects of health. By taking this physiologic approach, the author ensures a comprehension of the whole of body function. By integrating all of the aspects of the human body into a total functional whole, the student can grasp both the physical and psychological aspects of altered health.

This edition has a completely revamped art program and new displays that showcase pathophysiological processes though detailed visual representation. Other highlights include a greater international focus, expanded content on evidence-based practice and completely revised, updated chapters on genetics, disorders of white blood cells and lymphoid tissues, and innate and acquired immunity.

A bound-in CD-ROM and companion Website include Weblinks, an NCLEX® tutorial, a Spanish-English audio glossary, monographs of 100 most commonly prescribed drugs, over 30 Concepts in Action animations, 5 Clinical Simulations, and dosage calculation quizzes. An Instructor's Resource DVD-ROM and online instructor resources are also available.


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  1. Karen Jersey says


    In an effort to guide the reader logically through patho, the book repeats itself many times and is very difficult to use. The online animations are low level. I found Guyton muuch easier to use. The book attempts to adresss both basic pathophysiology from a low to level then discusses specialty treatments that are beyond the scope of the book in some areas while lacking the needed depth in other areas. Excellent discussion of cardiology and hyperlipidemias.

    Dipiro has a Pharmacology book tha tincludes a much deeper discussion of pathophysiology.

  2. Sheesha16 says


    This book arrived in a broken box and the seal was broken as well. I opened the box and the books cover was completely off the book. I had to tape the cover back to the book. Ive always had good quality service and great products with amazon. never had any issues. Amazon should check out this seller and remind them of the quality that amazon gives to its customers.

  3. Lana N. Lynch says


    This book can be used for more than one subject area during your nursing studies.

  4. Miss Happy says


    This book was in excellent condition. It was better than the advertised review. I rate it 5 stars!! I would continue to order books from Amazon for a very long time. They are truly a life/money saver…great item, at a much more affordable cost!!

  5. E. Sudario says


    I’m an NP student so the study of advanced pathophysiology requires understanding different disease states from a cellular level to be able to fully integrate information you learned in pathophysiology back in undergraduate school. I also have Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Tortora & Derrickson (an absolutely excellent book) which I use in tandem with Porth & Matfin. I can definitely see the difference between the two. I use Tortora to get a good grasp of physiology and Porth for in-depth information – which, for example, will discuss alpha and beta chains of certain proteins, which is information you may not need to know as an undergraduate student. However, as a primary care provider, being able to know the disease process in-depth allows you to integrate information and have a full understanding of a disease as it differs from a normal homeostatic state. I wouldn’t recommend this book for undergraduate studies as a sole text book, but do highly encourage it if you are in graduate school and want an extensive know-how of diseases.

  6. Stephanie Hold says


    I’m knee deep in this book and it is a nightmare.

    Vocab words are italicized, not bolded, making them difficult to spot when reviewing; very frequently they are not found in the glossary. You will need a medical dictionary while reading this book. The authors frequently reference diseases via acronym–before they explain what the disease is later in the chapter or later in the book.

    There are very few charts comparing/contrasting diseases and there is a significant lack of flow charts. Considering this monster of a book is over 1600 pages, there are no multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter. The accompanying Study Guide has a few multiple choice questions, but not nearly enough. The book has so many different authors it’s a crap shoot with each chapter…many are dry and dull.

    By some miracle I have a “B” in my online pathophys class. I attribute it to: Pathophysiology: Reviews & Rationales (which happens to cite Porth frequently), Clinical Pathophysiology made ridiculously simple, and multiple study guides for other Pathophys textbooks.

  7. Craig R. Webb says


    This pathophysiology book steps away from a straight up nuts and bolts kind you may have known in the past. I think a med school one would really be better. It encompasses lots of new research material. It is somewhat holistically and nursing oriented. If you want a book with a more societal impact of disease tone, this is the one. The major drawbacks about this book, if you have a choice, is that it uses lots of acronyms that are not indexed or in the glossary. Also it will state key words or phases that are likewise not in the glossary or index which is difficult when researching various topics. It will also make references to a topic and then state “this will be discussed in a later chapter”. The content is comprehensive but poorly elucidated at times.

  8. Jae Sung Kim says


    Thanks I received the book but one problem was that the text book did not appear new as I recalled ordering online from the seller for a new Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States, 8th Edition Purchased on 01/08/2010)by Carol Porth. The text book came to my home with so plastic seal covering. I recalled paying for a new Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States, 8th Edition by Carol Porth.

  9. Bank Of America says


    the book arrived in excellent conditions but apart from that it has exceptional information on pathofisiology and i would recomend it as textbook for te class.

  10. Rating

    I bought this text as additional reading to a Pathophysiology course I am currently taking and I found it very helpful. The material is very well communicated in the text and the animated instruction online is excellent as well.