Pharmacology: A Nursing Process Approach

Pharmacology: A Nursing Process Approach

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With a concise, straightforward approach, this trusted text puts difficult concepts and essential drug calculation skills into a practical nursing context and prepares you for real-world responsibilities. Completely revised and updated with the most current information in nursing practice, a variety of strong learning tools, and new NCLEX"¥ examination study questions, this latest edition makes pharmacology more accessible than ever.

  • UNIQUE! Prototype Drug Charts provide you with quick reference to key drug information, including dosages, contraindications, drug-lab-food interactions, pharmacokinetics, and more.
  • UNIQUE! An extensive Dosage Calculations unit strengthens your mathematical skills and eliminates the need for a separate calculations book.
  • Nursing Process summaries guide you through client care and drug therapy within the step-by-step framework of the nursing process.
  • Critical Thinking Case Studies challenge you to apply your knowledge and analytical skills to realistic patient scenarios.
  • A Principles of Drug Administration chapter guides you through drug administration procedures, addressing all routes of administration and various settings.
  • Client Teaching sections prepare you for client interaction, with teaching tips for general drug administration, self-administration, diet, side effects, and cultural considerations.
  • A companion CD reinforces your knowledge and enhances your review with approximately 450 NCLEX examination-style review questions, including alternate-item format questions; 30 pharmacology animations; IV therapy and medication error checklists; drug calculation problems; and electronic dosage calculators.
  • UNIQUE! Illustrated overviews of normal anatomy and physiology in all drug therapy chapters help you understand how drugs work in various body systems.
  • An appendix on bioterrorism agents helps you recognize the clinical manifestations of bioterrorism weapons and respond with appropriate drug treatments.
  • UNIQUE! Herbal Alerts provide quick reference to side effects, drug interactions, and additional information for popular herbs you may encounter in practice.

  • NCLEX Examination-style Study Questions prepare you for the growing pharmacology coverage on the NCLEX-RN exam.
  • Updated and expanded Preventing Medication Errors boxes help you ensure safe drug administration.
  • Targeted Therapies to Treat Cancer chapter familiarizes you with cutting-edge cancer treatments such as multikinase inhibitors, angiogenesis inhibitors, and monoclonal antibodies.
  • A new unit helps you easily locate appropriate drug therapy for managing pain and inflammation.
  • Additional photos and illustrations visually reinforce your understanding of drug actions and relevant anatomy and physiology.
  • Separate units on antibacterial and antiinfective agents clearly differentiate these commonly used agents.
  • Page numbers accompany key terms for easier reference.


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  1. Mercedes, RN says


    This book is ok. I wasn’t looking forward to this class as it is but the book seems to keep me interested.

  2. Rating

    I was so pleased to have received my order so fast, especially because it was a Holiday weekend. It took off some of my stress away cause I had my test that same week. Thank you.

  3. M. Terry says


    The book is what I wanted and I received it in a timely manner. Thank You

  4. Kinnari C. Patel says


    I bought the book at the beginning of my first year of nursing school. However, we did not begin using it until 2nd semester, so I put it up on the bookshelf the way it came. When time came around to using the book, I broke the plastic seal around the book and opened it… to find that the binding in the center of the book was coming apart. If your a person that likes to keep things neat and organized (me), this will definitely peeve you off! I am so put off abt it… I still get angry everytime I need to use the book (often). Since I bought the book months ago, I cant do anything about it.

  5. Rating

    The book was labeled as Used-Acceptable. Well, I received it with the book and the binding in two seperate parts. Not to mention that the book itself was coming apart into 3 different sections. If I didn’t need it so badly, and had the extra time, I would have returned this book to sender!!!

  6. koulanie73 says


    I purchased this book for my first nursing semester pharmacology course. The book is great it has plenty of drug information, tables, and a calculations section, but I did not need it. My instructor’s notes were so good that I rarely had to open this book. I ended up selling the book back to Chimes. It was okay for me because it put me to sleep, but I don’t want to discourage anyway from getting it.

  7. Rating

    We were required to have this text for our pharmacology course (part of the RN program). The text has so many errors and typos that the whole volume becomes questionable. My personal favorite: broad spectrum antibiotics are thusly labeled, according to the book, because of the pills large size…Other chapters refer to appendices allegedly in the back of the book…that don’t exist. I spent much of the course using my Davis Drug Guide to sort out the fact from the fiction in this pharmacology text.

  8. Diana Dooley says


    Lots of errors and typos! NCLEX questions have the wrong answers! It was so frustrating that after our class was done with Pharmacology, our nursing program changed the textbook for the next class! Please don’t waste your money!

  9. Henry MacGuffin says


    Words can not describe the amount distaste I have for this text. The amount of errors I’ve encountered most likely dwarf the errors that I failed to catch. This makes one wonder if this text is even worth publishing. The NCLEX study questions at the end of each chapter appear straight forward but lo and behold, the answer key says that E is the correct answer for an A-D multiple choice question. The study guide itself makes me question the validity of the text. With the text stating one fact, and the study guide stating another, one of them is bound to be right! As the previous commenter stated, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.