Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care

Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care

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Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care, 5th Edition enables readers to analyze policy issues, enhance their political knowledge and skills, and prepare for leadership roles in policy-making and public health. This resource cultivates the development of valuable skills including conflict management, lobbying, the use of media, and working with communities for change -- essential abilities for any nurse assuming a leadership role in today's changing health care environment.

**Solid breadth and depth of content covers both policy and politics.
**Contributors include many leading nurse experts in policy and politics.
**A diverse mix of styles, perspectives, and levels of content to appeal to many nursing audiences.
**Policy Spotlights provide key information on specific policy issues such as complementary therapies, reimbursement, social security, childcare and Medicare issues and options.


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  1. Rebecca Buckmaster says


    This was a required text book for my graduate school nursing class on current issues in nursing. I found this book to be very readable and full of pertinent information. The only potential downside is the fact that this book can easily become outdated due to changes in legislation. Policy and politics are an everchanging front. I highly reccomend this book. It helps the reader understand how we came to this point in healthcare and how we can be most effective in changing the legislative climate. This book was interesting, I found myself reading beyond the assignment.

  2. R. MacSorley says


    Recommended text book for Policy, Ethics and Legal Issue class. Very good book, have also used it as a reference in Nursing Education class. Good information in it.

  3. M. Ryzebol says


    The book was in great condition and it was delivered very quickly. Thanks so much! Excellent service!

  4. Nancy L. Pinder says


    Used as school book in masters program. User friendly and a good book to understand the political process.

  5. Jane Reader says


    Although I bought this as a required course textbook, I found it full of useful information for any professional nurse. I highly recommend it to all nurses to become more aware of how policy and politics affect our careers and practice.

  6. Anne Hennington says


    Nurses, you must read this! Shocking and interesting. Healthcare must be reformed, but how? You decide.

  7. Rating

    This book is an excellent resource for nurses regarding healthcare policy and politics. It starts with very basic history and government reviews. It very much advocates for nurses to be active participants in healthcare policy making since we have much at stake with the outcomes.

  8. Michele Caldwell says


    This is an excellent book for any nurse who wants to learn how health policy is written and what to do to make a difference in your practice. The authors are well educated and have incredible resources. Nurse polititians contribute a great deal to the book. For nurses who choose to get more politically involved than just in the workplace, this book gives the requirements for getting your feet wet in the political arena.

    This book should definitely be required for any masters or doctorate nursing program.

  9. Debra Briske says


    Book came quickly and in excellent condition

  10. Josephine C. Ridad says


    I like this book. It is very informative, comprehensive and well-researched. The manner of presentation is well-organized, the language is easy to understand. The information, relevant to the current issues of this decade and past history. This is a very good reference for those who are taking health care infrastructure, especially nurses; or for those who want to learn the history, evolution and course of health care in U.S.