Understanding Pathophysiology

Understanding Pathophysiology

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This easy-to-read textbook provides you with the basic concepts of pathophysiology and the processes of specific diseases with the most accurate, up-to-date information on the treatments, manifestations, and mechanisms of disease. Understanding Pathophysiology, 4th Edition offers complete coverage in clear and concise detail with extensive full-color illustrations to make learning pathophysiology easy.

  • Consistent presentation of each disease includes pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and evaluation and treatment to make remembering and learning information easier.
  • Extensive collection of 900 photographs and illustrations vividly illustrate normal anatomy and physiology, cellular mechanisms, disease processes, and clinical manifestations of disease.
  • UNIQUE! Health Alert boxes discuss a broad range of topics from new research, diagnostic studies, preventative care, and more.
  • UNIQUE! Quick Check questions at the end of major sections promote critical thinking to help you apply your knowledge to real-life situations.
  • UNIQUE! Risk Factor boxes illustrate the risk factors associated with specific diseases.
  • Pediatric content presented in nine separate chapters provides thorough coverage of how various disease processes specifically affect children.
  • Special headings highlight aging content within adult chapters to help you address the specialized needs of older patients.
  • Did you Understand? end-of-chapter summaries help you review the major concepts presented in each chapter.
  • Disease pathways throughout illustrate normal and compensatory physiology and pathophysiology.

  • Includes extensively updated content based on the most current research available.
  • Approximately 200 new full-color drawings, as well as hundreds of improved illustrations, clarify concepts to make content more easily understandable.
  • Over 50 new Health Alert boxes present the most current research available.
  • Electronic Resources listed at the beginning of each chapter direct you to additional materials on the companion CD and Evolve site.
  • A glossary of over 850 terms helps you learn the often-difficult terminology related to pathophysiology.


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  1. Alana Wright says


    The book is wonderful and it came with a CD-ROM to help further my learning.

  2. Rating

    I am pleased with my order I placed for the textbook Understanding Pathophysiology. The book was in mint condition and the price was a great deal. I received the book in less then a week from the time I placed my order. I would definitely order from this seller again.

  3. Rating

    Well packaged, arrived undamaged and in condition expected. Shipping slow due to location. Very satisfied.

  4. Rating

    I recieved my book quicker than I expected, which is always a plus. The book was in the condition they stated just a little more highlighting than I expected. Overall, really good

  5. Rating

    This book arrived still in its shrink wrap. A brand new book for a great price! The shrink wrap was torn in one corner which must have prevented them from selling it as brand new. A great deal for me!!!

  6. R. Tetreault says


    This text and its large collection of clear, helpful illustrations has been an invaluable resource for our corporate engineers to understand acute care. Rich and numerous illustrations aid in visual comprehension.

  7. Jane K. Wallace says


    This excellent textbook has the best illustrations I have seen. Many illustrations are done for student learning that do not appear in other similar texts. This book helped me a great deal pass my boards. It is very up to date and very readable.I have trouble understanding other’s problems because I found this to be such a wonderful text. I wish other texts on related subjects could reach out to beginning students like this one did.

  8. Jon B. Wheiler says


    Understanding pathophysiology requires years of study and practice, believe me I know. As a practicing RN/APRN and pathophysiology teacher at a local college – I have come to rely on Huether & McCance to guide myself and students through this complex subject. Give the book and authors the credit due for making sense of a difficult and oft times frustrating topic. “Understanding Pathophysiology” is everything the title promotes it to be.

  9. Jacob Hantla says


    Reading the other negative reviews below I’m beginning to question myself, “Am I wierd?” “Am I missing something?” “Maybe I’m just a nerd.” I have taken many physiology- and biology-related courses during my time as a bioengineering and nursing student and this book is not as bad as people are making it out to be.

    Granted, Pathophysiology is a very difficult subject. There is tons to learn and it cannot possibly be mastered 100% after taking one course using one textbook, so I would like to begin by saying that I’m amazed at how good of a job these authors did in 1181 pages of text. I found that compared with many of the other books I’ve read the style in this one was actually rather easy to understand, with paragraphs first giving the overall you-need-to-know-this information moving down into the more obscure facts and explanations. Many times difficult sentences would be broken down in detail in the following sentences rendering the complicated a little easier to understand (see “Analyse This” review by another reader below).

    The authors have decided to break up the topic by body systems:

    1. Neurologic

    2. Endocrine

    3. Hematologic

    4. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic

    5. Pulmonary

    6. Renal and Urologic

    7. Reproductive

    8. Digestive

    9. Musculoskeletal and Integumentary

    Then in each system they first do a very helpful review of how the systems work under normal circumstances–basically a review from your anatomy and physiology classes. Then it moves on to discuss the diseases of each system and the pathophysiology of each one. First the disorder is described. Then the causes, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, evaluation, and treatments of each is discussed.

    My one complaint is with the number of pictures in the book. There are many good quality pictures, but not enough. Many times the authors go to extreme lengths to describe a disease and I walked away without a clue of what it would look like, which really hindered the practicality of my understanding. Then I’d go online and look it up and upon viewing a single picture, my confusion would usually go away.

    A final suggestion which really, really helped me was the purchase of the Study Guide (ISBN: 0323028462).

  10. C. Velez says


    The book is extremely useful for first year medicine, dentistry or nursery students. Specially the first 4 chapters. It might require a better organization , the way the topics were posted but the objectives are covered at the end. besides, the questionnaries are relevant to the topics.